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    Default Designer fragrances EU

    So I have been using cheapsmells for as long I can remember. Today I was planning to get myself a little birthday treat. But oh the shock, the horror... when I found that cheapsmells no longer ship fragrances internationally.

    I feel completely lost.

    Please suggest online stores that ship to Europe at reasonable prices and are trustworthy. I know there are plenty of threads out there already, but I am just too devastated to go through them.

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    Default Re: Designer fragrances EU

    I have the exact same problem as you! had about 5 fragrances ready from cheapsmells and got to the checkout and found out the bad news! I will be checking this thread for answers!

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    Default Re: Designer fragrances EU

    Please read the thread on this section about International shipping rules which came out on the 13th Jan. Even Les Senteurs have suspended international shipping. Its EU wide I am afraid.!

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    Default Re: Designer fragrances EU

    Yeah donna I have read it.

    Afaik this is only an issue if the company is using Royal Mail. Everything else works fine.

    I sent an email to cheapsmells and they replied that they are "looking in to this to try and resolve the situation as soon as possible".

    I still want my fragrance so I did a quick search. I have read quite a bit about fragrancenet and fragrancex and while they seem to work for Americans, I wasn't too convinced as an European and after reading some of the horror stories, I would rather not take my chances and wait for months and months. Some people seemed to suggest fragrancedirect but I felt that their stock wasn't that good or at least they didn't have half the stuff I was looking for and I wasn't really looking for any niche stuff just common designer fragrances.

    I chose escentual. They had all the fragrances I was looking for. The prices were competitive. I already sent email to them and they had noted the change in the Royal Mail policies and changed their postal service. The delivery cost is 2.95. They also have codes from time to time.

    While I look forward to seeing how my order goes with escentual, the fact that they changed their postal service gives me hope in regards of cheapsmells. Maybe they can do what escentual did or get a courier service going. Anyhow I still miss cheapsmells and hope they manage to get international deliveries back up asap.
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    Default Re: Designer fragrances EU

    Cheapermells I agree with your comment, escentual is a great site. I received my order in 10 days during the new year period.

    I'm still looking for a European site that has creed at good prices as I'd rather not risk fragrancex.

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