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    Default Aftershave Question

    This may seem like a silly question, but does aftershave still do it's thing(toning and whatnot) even if you haven't shaved recently, or does it rely on shaving(skin irritation or whatever makes it get in there) to work?

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    Default Re: Aftershave Question

    There is a lot of variation on what aftershaves contain. I think that most of them simply contain alcohol, which acts as a disinfectant and gives a burning sensation on recently shaved skin, which contains micro-cuts. Alcohol on regular skin doesn't burn as much, though it still disinfects.


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    Default Re: Aftershave Question

    Few aftershave splashes do anything that I can see, other than sting and make me red raw. The only exceptions I know of being Mennin Skin Bracer, Halston Catalyst, the Trumper range of after shave splashes, Olay Men post shave toner. Since they leave a thin residue of some description that makes them act like aftershave balms, I imagine they'd work without shaving.

    All aftershave balms I can use as skin moisturiser, without the sunscreen protection (which I don't want a lot of the time). This works regardless of shaving. I like them better than some specific men's moisturisers that give me a wet look for the entire day, that I don't really like much.

    Some people have dry flakey face skin, and the balms and aforementioned splashes do fix the flakiness up for the day.
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    Default Re: Aftershave Question

    I use a cream type after shave by L'Occitane.
    It feels alien applying a creamy moisturizer that slightly stings too. But it sure is an aftershave.
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    Default Re: Aftershave Question

    The alcohol in after shave should more or less desinfect your just shaved and slightly damaged face and fresh it up by smelling nice. I don't use it, because my skin reacts to it by getting red: after shaving I splash my face with cold water...the best after shave there is...!
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    There are some good ones out there with something more than just alcohol. Eau Sauvage aftershave by Dior, Pour Monsieur by Chanel, Acqua di Parma's Colonia toner and Tabac are a few that stand out. Tabac especially stings a lot but they all leave a moisturising oil on the skin that feels great after a bit.

    Unfortunately I can't use aftershave either due to skin complications. I use Roger & Gallet's L'Homme after shave balm which works great for me.
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