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    Default Daim Blond or Visa?

    Two fruity leathers (suedes). Which do you prefer? Which is the "better" fragrance? Piguet's Visa or Lutens' Daim Blond?

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    Default Re: Daim Blond or Visa?

    I prefer Daim Blond but out of other fruity leather-suedes I prefer Feminite du Bois.

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    Default Re: Daim Blond or Visa?

    Visa... But I really wouldn't have connected those two fragrances.

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    Default Re: Daim Blond or Visa?

    I prefer Visa but don't really find it easy to compare with Daim Blond. To me, the patchouli note in Visa grounds the fruity-ness of it and makes the whole thing a lot more interesting. Also, I don't find it suede-y, but more of a plasticky leather like a patent leather handbag, whereas Daim Blond is like suede to me.

    But that's just my nose, which isn't so reliable, I think!

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    Default Re: Daim Blond or Visa?

    Daim Blond

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    Default Re: Daim Blond or Visa?

    I absolutely love Visa, and it's one of my top ten perfumes, I tried Daim Blond a few years ago and it did not impressed me at all.
    My husband always comment how good I smell when I wear visa.

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    Default Re: Daim Blond or Visa?

    Visa hands down. Much more refined and balanced...

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    Default Re: Daim Blond or Visa?

    Daim Blond
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    Default Re: Daim Blond or Visa?

    Daim Blond on this one without a doubt. I recently picked this one up. After the top notes burn off (which are admittedly a bit too sweet and fruity for my taste), the base leaves a quite satisfying suede accord.

    The patchouli fruity combo of Visa just doesn't work for me.

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    Default Re: Daim Blond or Visa?

    Both are good, but it depends on what you want. Visa is not very leathery, it is much fruitier and more intense-more in the tradition of, say, Angel than in that of leathers. Daim blond is more like smooth leather.


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    Default Re: Daim Blond or Visa?

    Totally forgot about this thread. Now, months later, this seems a bit of an odd question. I think at the time I was trying to get a feel for some of the more subtle "leathery" fragrances and these were the only two I really had much experience with. I have since settled on buying neither, preferring Daim Blond, and respecting Visa. I have recommended Visa to several people as alternatives to Angel, with great success. Daim Blond, while heart-achingly beautiful, is far too sweet for my tastes and I find the apricot note borderline cloying. Having said that, I have really enjoyed the smell of Daim Blond on others. Overall, I'd have to give this to Daim Blond (by a narrow margin). On a related note, I did end up finding what I was hoping for from Visa and Daim Blond in Féminité du Bois.

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