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    Default Creed Green Irish Tweed 4ox (120 ml)

    It's been a slow process but I'm finally moving away from most of my Creeds.

    I will continue to wear BdP and RO, but I believe I am going to trade the rest.

    I will start with a 4oz. Green Irish Tweed that is 99.9% full.

    It includes the cap and box as well.

    I would like to trade for a similar size of

    • Amouage Silver
    • Amouage Gold Men
    • Amouage Jubilation XXV
    • Frapin Caravelle Epicee
    • Tom Ford Bois Rouge
    • Xerjoff Uden
    • Xerjoff Richwood
    • Xerjoff Dhofar
    • Xerjoff Homme

    Pics included.
    Last edited by sifuhall; 13th April 2012 at 03:11 PM. Reason: added more swap choices
    1.) MDCI Invasion Barbare 2.) Creed Bois du Portugal 3.) Xerjoff Uden 4.) Amouage Jubilation XXV 5.) Amouage Epic 6.) Puredistance M 7.) Kilan Back To Black 8.) Tom Ford Bois Rouge 9.) Le Labo Rose 31 10.) Amouage Gold Man

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