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Thread: YSL M7 cut code

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    Default YSL M7 cut code

    I just Bought a 1.6 fl. Oz. bottle of M7 from a kiosk at the mall for $60. This box too has a black strip over what used to be the serial number I suppose. I peeled it off and the code has been completely cut from the box. Although the box was sealed when I bought it, the code was completely cut off the sticker at the bottom of the bottle as well. I did not have a sample to compare the fragrance itself to, but I like it. Seems like what it would smell like based on notes and reviews and itlasted all day as well. These cut codes worry me though. The other thing I noticed was that the ribbing in the cardboard was somewhat ebbed in the cap, not etched, just mirrored. I'm really not interested in returning it especially since I read the grey market article, guess I'm just looking for a little reassurance that I got an authentic product. Doesn't seem stale at all to my inexperienced nose. I looked it up on one of those batch code calculators and it says it was manufactured in 2003. I suppose that makes it authentic but I don't know. Any comments, recommendations are welcome. I have 7 days to return it for an exchange. Your thoughts?

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    Default Re: YSL M7 cut code

    My bottle has the code "cut" off as well ( on the bottom ). I have no box. I am not sure how they cut into the bottom of the bottle as such, but they did.

    That being said, my M7 smells wonderful ! I know it is just grey market and ( especially with a brand like YSL) the seller doesn't want what they sold to be traced. Chandler Burr's book The Perfect Scent explains this well ( better than me, at least).

    keep your bottle and enjoy !
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    Default Re: YSL M7 cut code

    Quote Originally Posted by Surfacing View Post
    keep your bottle and enjoy !

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    Default Re: YSL M7 cut code

    Thanks for the reassurance everyone, I wanted this one bad. I finally got it!

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