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    Default Reed diffuser base

    Hi everyone
    Could anyone give me any advise regarding reed diffuser bases. These are something that I am quite keen to add to my range but there seems to be lots of conflicting advice regarding which base to use.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default Re: Reed diffuser base

    The Dow company produces a range of solvents called Dowanol, some of which are used extensively in reed diffusers. The most useful are:-
    Dowanol TPM (Tripropylene Glycol Methyl Ether) the least volatile
    Dowanol DPM (Dipropylene Glycol Methyl Ether)
    Dowanol PMA Glycol Ether (Propylene Glycol Methyl Ether Acetate) the most volatile.

    Using a mixture of these should be suitable for most fragrances designed to be used in reed diffusers. There is usually about 20.0% fragrance and a mix of Dowanols. Hope this is of use.

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    Default Re: Reed diffuser base

    Thankyou very much David, do you know where the best place would be to get this from ?

    Many Thanks

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    Default Re: Reed diffuser base

    Sorry but I don't know where we used to get all the Dowanols. I just used them in my reed diffuser fragrances, I didn't order the raw materials myself. Why don't you Google "Dowanol" of the "Dow Company" and ask them directly? Be careful about the quality of these chemicals, they are not usually "perfume quality" and are sometimes a little smelly. Doesn't seem to affect the finished fragrance in the air, but can be a bit off putting when smelled up close.

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    Default Re: Reed diffuser base

    I just used some propylene glycol, cheap from amazon. Seems to work pretty well (better than the alcohol I tried before that, lol). I used a 30/70 split.

    Be nice to know if any of those other bases would be even better.

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    Default Re: Reed diffuser base

    I've never used PG, and am surprised that it works. I thought that PG absorbed water. If you think it works, then fine. I only ever used a mixture of Dowanols, and my fragrances were sold to many satisfied customers.

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    Default Re: Reed diffuser base

    Honestly, I bought my reeds and my EO…*and then they didn't work. And I realized i needed something in the base. So I googled a bit, and I believe e-how said that it was PG.

    Obviously e-how is to be taken with a grain of salt, sometimes.

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    Default Re: Reed diffuser base

    hello, i am new to this forum. sorry if i do ask stupid questions but please bear with me as i am trying to figure this out.
    i want to start a business selling reed diffusers - from my research online i can combine essential oils + a diffuser base in a 70/30 proportion in order to obtain a diffuser mix.

    with regards to the base, i have read that i can use the following:
    1) carrier oils such as sweet almond oil, fractionated coconut oil and safflower oil
    2) water
    3) vodka / rubbing alcohol
    4) DPG
    Some recipes say i can mix carrier oils with water or alcohol or with DPG or then just water or water + alcohol etc etc., basically any two together or just one of the options by itself.

    i would really like to use all natural ingredients and would like to avoid using DPG and the like if at all possible

    i noticed on this forum that no one here at all considers using all natural ingredients as their base and most are using synthetic chemicals. Can anyone share their experience with me? or at least tell me if using carrier oils with alcohol would work?

    i have not purchased anything for the base yet and want to hear from the experienced people what their thoughts are before i go out to buy the base.

    thanks all in advance!

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