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    Default Raphael Replique

    I recently stumbled upon two sealed (1/2 oz and 1/4 oz) bottles of Replique extrait; one without knowing anything about it at all and, deciding the bottle I bought must have been off, the other in hopes it would be better. Well, the second bottle was definitely better. I could make out more of the florals instead of just the lily-of-the-valley and the odd woody oakmoss base of the larger bottle. On a whim today, I decided to dilute my little bottle back to its original concentration with pure ethanol since it had evaporated quite significantly. Dear God, it was like finding the rosetta stone! The fragrance unlocked itself and everything fell back to just where it was supposed to be. It is so reminiscent of its contemporary greats but opts out of the traditional powder category in favor of a warm, spicy, and slightly animalic chypre base. What once was a strange, rather off-putting lily-of-the-valley now reveals itself as a gorgeous bouquet, slightly heavy-handed on the natural jasmine. In a way it reminds me of an even softer Cabochard. This is a gorgeous and excellent quality masterpiece, not at all the strange woody thing I thought it was.

    Inspired, I diluted the big bottle. Miraculously, I achieved the same result. I now have two positively wonderful bottles of Replique extrait. I can't believe how under the radar this fragrance is. I now speak Replique.

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    Yes, Réplique is fabulous smelling!! Years ago, I was working for a hotel company, and there was some event (there were always events), and one of the sales managers who flew in from out west smelled soooo divine I had to ask her what she was wearing (by the way, she was the most uptight woman I’d ever met so I really had to screw up my courage to ask her) and it was Réplique. I had never heard of it. She said her husband bought it for her. A spicy, warm, animalic chypre is exactly right. I never forgot the name. Fast forward a zillion years and I bought a little mini bottle of the parfum on ebay but it is totally shot, I think. If I get my hands on any ethanol I will try your experiment. Enjoy!

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    I love this story, and this bottle. And from the description, would love the scent. Another to put on my find list. Might also try the ethanol trick on some residuey, slightly-off vintages bits of things I have collected.
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    Oh, I love Replique. I bought it on Ebay because of the bottle. I've never heard of it before either and didn't know what it smells like. So when it arrived and I opened the sealed bottle I was VERY pleasantly surprised. It does smell strange and unusual, but I love it.
    Also my bottle is slightly older than yours and it has tulip-shaped stopper as you can see in these ads:

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