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    Default Amouage Library Collection: Opus V

    I just got a sample of this on Monday and I am loving it! I have tried most everything in the "main" Amouage line (including Gold, Dia, Memoir, Jubilation 25, Lyric, Epic, Ubar, Reflection, Honor, Ciel and the masculine counterparts where applicable) and haven't really been floored by anything. That's not to say that the fragrances are boring or mediocre—quite the opposite. In fact, I can't really think of one that I would rate lower than a 3/5 (most of these are 4s or 5s). That being said, beyond the Homage and Tribute attars (which are just out of this world), I haven't been impressed enough by anything to warrant the $300+ price tag. That all changed when I tried Opus V. The boozy-floral opening barely hints at things to come. However, as time passes the initial brightness fades as the floral aspects are eclipsed by the appearance of dark smoldering woods and some of the best oud I have ever smelled. The base is dark, leathery, warm, and delicious. I cannot get enough of this scent!

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    Default Re: Amouage Library Collection: Opus V

    Congrats on you acquisition!

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    Default Re: Amouage Library Collection: Opus V

    I bought it very recently...waiting for mail delivery as I post this. I smelled it on someone, about a year ago and knew I had to have it. The note construction and longevity are second to none. And its the kind of fragrance that will make a lot of your collection, very redundant, because it has a little bit of everything in it. Incredible perfume..

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    Default Re: Amouage Library Collection: Opus V

    One of my favorite fragrances ever. That orris/rum/oud combo is magnificent
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    Default Re: Amouage Library Collection: Opus V

    Very interesting for sure. Fresh and clean masculine floral opening with a lot of oud/rum coming through shortly after. One of the most potent scents that I know of. You really need to be careful on the trigger of this one!
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    Default Re: Amouage Library Collection: Opus V

    I really need to get my nose on this one (and the rest of the Library Collection). I am a big fan of Amouage and can't believe I haven't smelled any of them. Opus V is actually one of the ones on my to test list. I need to get some samples...

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    Default Re: Amouage Library Collection: Opus V

    Yeah it's very nice. Recently I purchased a partial of Opus 2. I was shocked when it hit me that it smells like a lighter version of Epic Man (and with much less oud). Great stuff.
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    Default Re: Amouage Library Collection: Opus V

    I just revisited my V sample today and oh boy this is good. Last time I did not care about this, but I suppose I didn't give it enough time. Again after spraying this was a mixed one about an hour but after that it just kept getting better and better more it evolved. I've been sniffing my hand constantly now 5 hours and I just can't get enough. On to my wantlist this goes.
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