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Thread: Perfume Moods

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    Default Perfume Moods

    Hello Ladies & Gents!
    Do you have any specific cologne, eau de toilette, eau de parfum or parfum that you like to wear in a specific mood. What perfume do you chose for a happy mood or for a sad mood? Do you have a fragrance that can cheer you up when you're sad? Or a scent that calms you down when you're nervous with possibility of an outrage? Maybe some of you have a fragrance that plays a role of confidence booster when you lack self-confidence.

    In my case when I'm in a good positive mood I like to wear my favourite - Prada Amber Pour Homme. When I'm unhappy out of any particular reason I like to put on a drop of Chanel Pour Monsieur which kind of helps me to forget about a reason of my unhappiness. I'm not a kind of person that is oh-so-self-confidents, but there are days that I feel "mighty" and confident and on those days I like to have Prada Infusion d'Homme on my skin. On the other hand there are many days I need a confidence boost, then I like Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense to be with me. On days (or I should rather say days and evenings) when I'm in a thoughtful mood I reach for my bottle of Dsquared2 Potion which really fits this picture and it smells great with a big mug of hot tea. On quiet, calm and lazy days I love to wear Histoires de Parfums 1725 Casanova my friend gave me her last 2ml of it in 14ml travel bottle as she was bored with it but I find it wonderful. I wish I had a full bottle of this eau de parfum. Too bad it's out of my price range (students here can't afford many things, but one day I'll get it)

    What are your perfume moods?

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    Default Re: Perfume Moods

    For me, moods don't seem to dictate my choice of a fragrance. It's basically anything that I grab in the morning.

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    Default Re: Perfume Moods

    Interesting post. Will be cool to see what others say.

    My mood definitely does dictate my selection of perfume in the morning, in a similar way to what you describe. But I think also that weather has something to do with it. Hmm, let's see:

    If I need to feel confident, or if I'm really nervous, like when I had to give a big speech recently, I like to go with something bold and unapologetic, like Fracas.

    For professional, trying to get things done, I can't do with anything too sweet. Chypres like Silences, Givenchy III, even Bandit help me take myself a bit more seriously. Sometimes M7 is great too, if it's cold out. Or PdN New York. Or Knize Ten.

    Leathers are always good.

    If I need something calming, sweeter ambers are great: Musc Ravageur, Calamity J.

    If I'm trying to be feminine and alluring (ha), Coromandel, Mona's Oud or Tubereuse work pretty well.

    In summer, especially on holiday when I'm relaxed and I'm not going to suffocate anyone, I like Carnal Flower.

    Sometimes I just get a massive craving for loud, big, skanky perfumes. Ones like Bal a Versailles, Insolence, and La Nuit wait for the weekends.

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    Default Re: Perfume Moods

    Dior Homme Intense = Sexy Time

    1. Dior Homme Intense
    2. Creed Aventus
    3. Tom Ford Extreme
    4. Gucci Pour Homme II
    5. Terre d'Hermes

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    Default Re: Perfume Moods

    i agree the Creed Aventus it's so well...

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    Default Re: Perfume Moods

    Does mood influence my choice of fragrance? Absolutely yes.

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    Default Re: Perfume Moods

    There two keep me grounded. Both have a herbal theme in the scent.

    LES NEREIDES - Imperial Opoponax

    CARON - Montaigne
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