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    Just got my first three creeds from them. Original Vetiver, Original Santal, and Aventus. Each were 2.5oz tester. All with 20%off coupon. So about $80 for the OV,OC and $120 for the aventus.

    Also got my Terre De Hermes and La Nuit D Lhomme at a great price too.

    I think tom ford Black Orchid was my first niche and then I bought V&R spice bomb recently that set me on a shopping spree :-)

    Looking forward to sticking around the community and eventually getting into trades.

    How long do you think a frag like spice bomb will be around? It doesn't seem to be very talked about yet but I often wonder it I should stockpile stuff in the event its discontinued. Wouldn't thing that it would be if they put all that marketing behind.


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    Default Re: Loving

    Congrats on you acquisitions! Enjoy them.

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    Good stuff, enjoy

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    spicebomb just came out it's not going to get pulled anytime soon if that's what you are asking lol. congrats on your purchases.

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    What are the batch numbers?

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    I just recently gave Fragrancenet another try after a bad experience and I do like the selection, quality products, and of course the prices. If you don't mind waiting close to 2 weeks to get your stuff it's great because their shipping is really really slow.
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    I'll have to look at the batch numbers when I am back.

    Shipping only took me 4 or 5 days.

    The price of 1 4oz got me three 2.5oz. Santal has been great. Vetiver was almost identical to my Nordstrom sample. The aventus is also identical to my perfumed court decant.

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    Congrats! ENJOY!

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    Congrats! I was thinking of getting from them soon
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    I used to use a lot, but for some very odd reason they have stopped selling to Danish buyers. I was always satisfied with my purchases though
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    Default Re: Loving Great site, genuine items, regular special days with codes, prompt delivery.

    They have a whole section of CARON fragrances, and for the savvy buyer who loves the House of CARON, there are deals beyond belief !!

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    Ordered one thing from to me with a a timely manner maybe 5 days. Will definitely be using again.

    Only thing is that the tracking is horrible. I think they use streamlite services or somethin and it's pretty much impossible to track your package.

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    Do the creed testers come with the cap?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kandiman View Post
    Do the creed testers come with the cap?
    No they do not.

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