So I fell in love with this scent when it first came out and never purchased a back up bottle, and woe is me I'm all out.

It's discontinued and now selling for $55-$75 on Ebay and Amazon. I'm sorry, I think it's just the principle that this scent was originally sold for around $20-$25 and it's from Victoria's Secret, I really don't want to buy it for that much. I have no problem spending that on other fragrances, but like I said it's the principle lol.

Now that spring is upon us I've really been wanting to wear this one.

Does anyone know of a similar scent?? The only notes listed are passionfruit and raspberry nectar.
Doing a Google search of those two notes Live Pink is all that comes up fragrance wise.

I still mad at VS, I mean, really? Their only nice (to me, sorry if you're a VS fragrance fan) scent and they discontinue it. They had to have known it was a favorite because even the other perfumes from the same collection currently sell for way less.