In Sweden we have som different brands of "throat pastilles" which brings me back good memories from my childhood. Now I'm looking for a fragrance with similar notes. I don't expect you to know what those pastilles smells/tastes like as most of you're not from Sweden, but they're called Läkerol Original and Tenor (not sure if Tenor is in production any longer). Probably you have something similar in your countries under another brand. I guess all grandparents around the world used to suck on some mentholy rubbery throat pastilles and sometimes offered their grandchildren to taste, believing it was candy - which it wasn't because (most) young people don't like it. Not very sweet, just mentholy/herbal with a weird (from a childs perspective) taste/smell.

Läkerol Original has menthol and licorice listed as ingredients. The menthol note is not very dominant, it's hidden somewhere in the licorice note, together with something else which smells kind of herbal/earthy/camphorous. I also get a clean musk which smooths out the other notes (but I guess you don't put musk in something you eat).

The fragrance which I find most similar is actually Nasomatto Silver Musk - it got that smooth mentholy/musky note.

Any suggestions based on this? Think the ethereal clean musk/menthol notes from Nasomatto Silver Musk, but more herbal/earthy/camphorous without getting sharp.