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    Lightbulb Ralph Lauren - Polo Blue

    I am a new collector of Fragrances of all kinds, mainly colognes, and this is my first cologne review video feat. Ralph Lauren's - Polo Blue. What do you guys think of this aquatic scent? Likes? Dislikes? Please Sub my channel for daily reviews of some of the worlds best fragrances every week daily!

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    Default Re: Ralph Lauren - Polo Blue

    It was one of my first designer frags before I became a collector. I really like it. It's very refreshing and reminds me of being on a boat out in the water on a warm summer day. Good longevity for an aquatic. Garners compliments too.
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    Default Re: Ralph Lauren - Polo Blue

    Polo Blue by Ralph Lauren - One is initially treated to a fruity melange of melons, cucumber and tangerine; the sweetness thereof diluted by the watery freshness and somewhat medicinal flavor of the cucumber. This appealing opening meanders to the perky middle. Here, light piney sage, sweet, anise-like basil and bitter geranium stew with the freshness of the opening, imparting some pep to the lackadaisical fruitiness. The brewing spicy heart is beckoned by the signature base. A confluence of soft, leather suede, sweet amber wood, heady patchouli, velvety moss and sheer musk subsumes the spicy fruits, and carries the composition to its green drydown. This ho-hum composition has poor longevity - lasting 4-5 hours, and poor projection - 2 hours at most.

    The same response for your identical thread in the Just Starting Out Forum.

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    Default Re: Ralph Lauren - Polo Blue

    Don't care for it at all - just me.

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    Default Re: Ralph Lauren - Polo Blue

    Don't you already have a thread on this same thing in the "Just Starting Out" sub forum?
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    Default Re: Ralph Lauren - Polo Blue

    The URL contained a malformed video ID.

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    Default Re: Ralph Lauren - Polo Blue

    I enjoy or think most of the Polo line is decent enough. Blue is one of the only ones I can say I dislike. There is an astringency to it that makes me dislike it. Just not good.
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    Default Re: Ralph Lauren - Polo Blue

    great responses guys and not sure why the video link isn't working, sorry about that everyone

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    Default Re: Ralph Lauren - Polo Blue

    It's alright at first, then it gets meh, then it's gone, which I guess is how most aquatics was one of my first purchases but I never use it. There are better options.

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    Default Re: Ralph Lauren - Polo Blue

    I enjoy Polo Blue, but I think the very similar Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua is a better take on the same theme.

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    Default Re: Ralph Lauren - Polo Blue

    Cucumber, for me, sucks so hard. Don't like it much. It can spoil good perfumes.

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    Default Re: Ralph Lauren - Polo Blue

    I preffer Polo Green, Black and Double Black.

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