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    Default New by kilian line - asian tales

    Hello Fumeheads (By Kilian Fans)

    I have just received 2 samples of By Kilian's New Line - Asian Tales, I am very curious, as a matter of fact, I have already quickly smelled Bamboo Harmony about one month ago in Rome, by the time I had already smelled couple of Xerjoff's, therefore I don't think at the point in time my impressions were reliable on Bamboo Harmony.
    Water Caligraphy is a total enigma. Because I don't think is useful to try on these samples after a long hard working day, I will give them a try tomorrow morning, obviously after a Huge Nespresso and off course I will be more than glad to share my impressions with you.

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    Default Re: New by kilian line - asian tales

    got mine too! packaging is pretty impressive

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    Default Re: New by kilian line - asian tales

    Quote Originally Posted by Xqizit View Post
    got mine too! packaging is pretty impressive
    By Kilian fragrances as well

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    Default Re: New by kilian line - asian tales

    Looks interesting.

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    Default Re: New by kilian line - asian tales

    Can't wait to see some reviews!
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    Default Re: New by kilian line - asian tales

    My nose is too excited for this one. I'm looking forward to your review!

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    Default Re: New by kilian line - asian tales

    Asian fails. As bad as all By Kilians, definate pass!
    My top 16:

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    3. Tom Ford - Tobacco vanille 4. Tom Ford - Neroli portofino
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    7. Bond - Harrod's oud 8. Amouage - Jubilation XXV
    9. Parf. Brückner - Aoud 1 10. Clive Christian - X
    11.Xerjoff - Regio 12. Lush - Breath of God
    13. M.Micaleff - Art collec. 102 14. Armani Privé - Figuier eden
    15. Nasomatto - Pardon 16. Heeley - Oranges and lemons ...

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    Default Re: New by kilian line - asian tales

    All Kilian is worth a sniff.
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    Default Re: New by kilian line - asian tales

    imo bamboo harmony is a simple fresh scent nothing special, smells pretty cheapie too..
    havent tried water calligraphy yet tho!

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    Default Re: New by kilian line - asian tales

    Scent said its very JCE-esque.
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    Default Re: New by kilian line - asian tales

    Are these Unisex? Well regardless, I'm super excited to sample these! Are they already available at Saks?

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    Default Re: New by kilian line - asian tales

    Quote Originally Posted by eMCizzle View Post
    Are these Unisex? Well regardless, I'm super excited to sample these! Are they already available at Saks?
    I saw them 2 weeks ago at my local Saks. Didn't ask if they were available for purchase, but they were at the By Kilian counter as well as one of the fragrance tables they put new launches on, so I'd assume so. No samples yet, but I was able to smell them both. I found Bamboo Harmony to be nice but not really justified in price and Water Calligraphy had a distinctly feminine slant to it. So no dice on either for me. It's a shame, I was hoping for a worthwhile warm weather scent in the line.

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    Default Re: New by kilian line - asian tales

    Today I received my double sample, too. Yes, Water Calligraphy is a feminine scent, rather nice. Bamboo is what's in its name: a watery, kind of meditative scent. Not ground-breaking, it belongs to the genre of Kenzo Homme Fresh.

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    Default Re: New by kilian line - asian tales

    Received them today too, was a nice surprise. haven't tried them yet though...

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    Default Re: New by kilian line - asian tales

    Have only smelled the Bamboo Harmony in stores. First impression said it wasn't bad at all
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    Default Re: New by kilian line - asian tales

    Water Calligraphy is a very nice aquatic flower (very refined) but a litte bit faint for my liking.. It contains a delicious jasmine note emerging from the heart and well blended with a zesty grapefruit.

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    Default Re: New by kilian line - asian tales

    Hello Basenoters, I would like to share my first impressions on By Kilians's Bamboo Harmony and Water Calligraphy:

    Bamboo Harmony
    Top Notes--------------> Bergamot, Bigarade, Neroli
    Middle Notes----------> White Tea Leaves, Mimosa, Spices
    Base Notes------------> Mate, Fig Leaves, Oak Moss

    On opening I have definitely picked up the freshness of the Citrusy party, however no match for Xerjoff (In my opinion on regards to Citrus fragrances, this is the best house at the moment on the Market),
    Later on comes into the scene the Tea Leaves, which in my opinion, it settles the Asian vibe on this fragrance, light, transparent, safe,clean and peaceful;
    I could not detect any Oak Moss or Fig Leaves on the base.
    Longevity on my skin was fairly good, 8 hours, overall an interesting Fragrance, a bit Safe, away to Safe compare to previous By Kilian's Lines: L'Oeuvre Noire or The Oud based collection Arabian Nights.
    Scent is fairly Unisex, low profile, it shares some vibe with Hermès - Un Jardin sur Le toit, however I find it the former to be far more daring and interesting than Bamboo Harmony, not to mention better price wisely speaking.

    Water Calligraphy
    Top Notes--------------> Grapefruit Zest, Reseada Blossom, Water Lily
    Middle Notes----------> Jasmine Sambac, Magnolia,
    Base Notes------------> Cardamon, Vetiver

    Often I refer to fragrance gender associations as being something dictated by the Market, however on regards to Water Calligraphy, I am forced to agree that it leans towards the feminine public.
    Right on the Opening I could detect the Grapefruit Acid Freshness, and the Water Lily, as a matter of fact I liked the opening very much.
    Later on the stage is settled for Jasmine Sambac and Magnolia, Due to the fact that Jasmine Sambac is well known for its Bombastic Flower Attributes in a Fragrance, I am forced to admit that I was disappointed, and the concoction Jasmine and Magnolia, was pretty much flat, like it was deliberately tamed in order not to offend and just to please, Due to its "Politeness", at this point the fragrance became reductive.
    I was not able to detect any Vetiver on the dry down, IMO Water Calligraphy shares some vibes with Guerlain Idylle, I do not want sound like a broken record, but I think Guerlain - Ydyllle has a superior construction and is far more interesting money wisely.

    Overall, I believe Kilian is trying to target the Asian Market with this Line, the scents are ok, nothing groundbreaking that could justify its Price Tag. For me (By Kilian Confessed Fan) I will have to pass on Bamboo harmony and Water Calligraphy.
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    Default Re: New by kilian line - asian tales

    They are very 'Delicate', I agree that they are probably created soly for the Chinese market. Whether its a cynical patronising effort who's to say

    I thought BH shared alot of structure with Invasion Barbare but never reaches its high points and feels a bit self constricted like they were purposely holding something back. The longevity is a little sketchy on me too.

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    Default Re: New by kilian line - asian tales

    Quote Originally Posted by hedonist222 View Post
    Scent said its very JCE-esque.
    This was my guess when I 1st heard about them, I wrote that I hoped they weren't like a minimalist JCE frag.

    The "Asian Tales" thing reminded me of a haiku, and I remember JCE saying the Hermessence line were like his frag haikus.

    I am also a big fan of By Kilian, but these new frags may not be for me... if anything I was hoping he'd go in a much different direction. Oh well...

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    Default Re: New by kilian line - asian tales

    Got my samples yesterday and gave them a spin before my shower. Both are quite delicate as Kron stated, and seem quite tame.

    Bamboo Harmony did not give me a blast, but rather a small gust of citrus freshness and then immediately went to the tea leaves.

    Water Calligraphys opening only gave a tiny whisper of grapefruit, before it went on to a surprisingly subdued and gentle jasmine.

    Both scents are very mild-mannered and definitely nothing extraordinary in my opinion, and they seem to take the safe and almost generic road... Oh well, these are only first impressions

    I do hope though, that following scents in the collection are going to be a bit more daring and exciting.
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    Default Re: New by kilian line - asian tales

    Got my samples, thank you Kilian!

    Bamboo harmony starts out with one of the best citrus openings I've yet experienced, they are giving Malle's Bigarade Concentre and Xerjoff's Kobe a run for their money in this department. There is a clean musk, tea and some spices in the background. It is a rather simple, uncluttered scent.

    I agree with others that this is a mellow, laid back frag. "Safe", maybe... but IMO this is really well done. I don't necessarily share some BN'ers tastes for shock and awe in my frags though. I think this deserves some wear in the summer heat, it's going to be a great fresh citrus option. I find major issues with many frags in this category for having a synthetic smelling edge to them, Chanel Allure Sport for example... so finding one that comes off as natural smelling and also has at least moderate lasting power is somewhat difficult. I think the people that will like this are ones who appreciate a frag that is both understated yet polished. You can certainly get many, many "similar" frags for far cheaper, but they won't be as polished. IDK, polished is a bad word maybe... I'd say just exceptionally well composed and lacking in obvious flaws. So far, I cannot find anything that I dislike and whatever synthetic aroma chemicals that were used don't stick out and don't bother me.

    For people who enjoy frags like TF Neroli Portofino or Malle's Bigarade Concentre, this has a similar vibe but is in a different league... far far superior IMO. It does have a JCE-like vibe to it, but the apparent use of more natural ingredients than JCE normally uses gives the notes a complexity that is lacking in most of JCE's frags. So I guess this is bordering on minimalist, but the quality of the ingredients lift this from becoming a yawn fest despite the simplicity of the composition. I could almost see this as a Hermessence frag, but if it was, it would be the best of the line IMO.

    My initial rating is 5/5. Best fresh-citrus frag I've ever tried so far.

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    Default Re: New by kilian line - asian tales

    I got my samples around 3 days ago (thank you By Kilian!) and below is the actual "whatsapp" conversation between me and Hedonist--

    -I didn't try them
    -They sound like shit
    -But ill give them a try ltr on
    -Bamboo harmony: shampoo
    -Water Calligraphy: conditioner
    -nicely done but not my tastes
    however these r only initial 2 second impressions
    -Bamboo harmony smells like an ellena...a waterier take on kelly caleche
    -omg its such an ellena!
    -or actually sur le toit
    -honey ur not missing on anything special


    Me: Yup...BH is an ellena and WC (water calligraphy) is an aquatic floral...both extremely derivative

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    Default Re: New by kilian line - asian tales

    Got mine, too! But they were addressed to Mademoiselle Ben Rickson! LOLOLOLOLOLOL! My name is not Ben Rickson, and, contrary to popular belief, I am not a Mlle, either!
    My Top 5!!!
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    4. 1969, Histoires de Parfums
    5. Derby, Guerlain

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    Default Re: New by kilian line - asian tales

    Mine showed up here on the west coast today.

    As with Lionheart, I'm not Mr Jose Berlato Junior ( I'm Bob Johnson ) but at least they got my address right. And with real-live postage stamps (those tiny mushrooms on the stamp would be Boletus Edulus and Lepiota Racodes, I think ?) on the package too, which I thought was particularly classy.

    I generally think of Killian in terms of thick gourmands, but perhaps there's no way to hold back the JCE tide these days ?

    Never one to look a gift horse in the mouth though, so I'm looking forward to giving these an open-minded try.

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    Default Re: New by kilian line - asian tales

    Water Calligraphy is a nice floral aquatic, definitely feminine leaning... not something I'd wear. It's ok I guess, but I'm not interested in this one.

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    Default Re: New by kilian line - asian tales

    Bamboo just doesn't work at all in my opinion. I'm gonna have to be the odd man out on Water Calligraphy however. It does not come across as femme to me. If anything I think it falls in to the Bronze Goddess category. Marketed to / for women but not completely true.

    A lightweight vetiver, well done is how i see it. Yes, there are those light floral notes but nothing girly in my opinion.

    I'll test this out on a hot, humid night to be sure but for now, I'll probably own this one fairly soon. It's likely to work well in summer.

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    Default Re: New by kilian line - asian tales

    Someone on Twitter mentioned that they smell like Bvlgari Omnia flankers. Anyone agree with this?

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    Default Re: New by kilian line - asian tales

    I really enjoyed bamboo harmony, it was quite pleasant, the white tea accord was nice and will continue to wear my sample but its not worth the price. Water Calligraphy is so feminine its not even funny, its boring and reminds me of Coco Chanel perfume ( in the pink juice).

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