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    Default Tauer Incense Rose

    Got a sample of this based on some reviews I've read, and since i've been on a rose kick the past few months this was one i've been wanting to try. This stuff is amazing! I can't say i've read too much on this frag here at BN, but it deserves more attention imo. The only other one from this line that i enjoy is the famous LDDM, however i don't wear it much at all anymore. I guess its just hard for me to decide when to wear it.

    This is up there with LDDM as my favorite Tauer scent, has a bit of a dirty smell to it but the rose is gorgous and i think is masculine enough for a man to pull of without question. Put a small dab from a vial on my arm and 4 hours later this thing is still projecting strong, can only imagine what full 2-3 sprays of this stuff would do.

    Need to give this a full wearing, but it appears to be FBW!

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    Default Re: Tauer Incense Rose

    Incense Rose is gorgeous for the women also.

    Have you ever tried Orange Star ? Give that a shot, you may like the brisk mandarines in it.
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    Default Re: Tauer Incense Rose

    I've tried this and thought it smelled nice also. Prefer Rosisssimo by Parfums de Rosine much more however.

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    Default Re: Tauer Incense Rose

    If you love Incense Rose then you should at least like Incense Extreme.

    Incense Extreme is Rose Incense without the rose. Literally.
    Or its Rose Incense without the Rose. If you enjoy Rose and Incense then these two are great.

    My only peeve with his incense is that its a bit too sweet for me.
    Maybe it needed more myrrh? Or maybe thats how he wants his incense.
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    Default Re: Tauer Incense Rose

    This sounds great. Thanks for the heads up PP!
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    Default Re: Tauer Incense Rose

    I agree, Incense Rose is very good indeed. Probably among the easiest to like in the tauer's range (which means that is one of the simplest) but nonetheless satisfying.

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    Default Re: Tauer Incense Rose

    Incense Rose is nice, but DC 1913 does the Rose/Incense theme better and in a more masculine way.

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    Default Re: Tauer Incense Rose

    I also love Incense Rose, and wear it for the most special occasions. It fits perfectly into a theatre / opera-like location and has a certain vampire-vibe to it. Imo, it is the most tragic and sad smelling perfume, but sooo beautiful on the other hand. The tragic does not make me sad while wearing it, I admire it... maybe like a wonderful, sad and touching movie, that shows You how beautiful life can be.

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    Default Re: Tauer Incense Rose

    Out of curiosity, how does Tauer Incense Rose compare with Kilian Incense Oud, which has a fair amount of rose to my nose, and FM Portrait of a Lady, which also has an incense rose accord (along with berries and patchouli)?

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    Default Re: Tauer Incense Rose


    PoaL is more rose than incense and then later on the patchouli becomes substantial. Here the incense bridges the gap between rose and patchouli.
    In Incense Rose the incense is slightly more substantial than the rose and there is no patchouli. The incense is slightly sweet.
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    Default Re: Tauer Incense Rose

    The rose in POAL is quite modern, singular and pink while the rose in the Tauer is more traditional, red and multifaceted.
    The different approaches of modernity and traditionalism (or is that a modern take on the traditional?) sums up the Malle and Tauer for me. I haven't tried the Killian.

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    Default Re: Tauer Incense Rose

    Kilian's Incense Oud and Tauers Incense Rosé are totally different each in smell and in atmosphere, in my opinion.

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    Default Re: Tauer Incense Rose

    revisited the almost enpty sample vial I have of this and really considering ordering it today. wish I had enough ti give if another wearing since its been months but the vial smells so good and my original impressions were all positive. I'd like to hear from others who have this since ir doesn't get much attention

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    Default Re: Tauer Incense Rose

    I own Incense Rose and like it a lot. A clean incense with rose, fizzy up top, and with a modern feel, like all Tauer. So definitely worth it. This was my third Tauer purchase after LADDM and Lonestar Memories, which are more striking to my nose.


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    Default Re: Tauer Incense Rose

    Well i purchased a bottle almost a blind buy in a sense since it has been months since i've smelt it and recall enjoying it based on my original post in this thread. This stuff is amazing and i'm soo happy, since i was a bit worried since i never buy without a decent amount of testing. I'm very pleased with my purchase and even that more happy that i found something i love with a semi-blind buy. Can't wait to give this a full wearing, i have a a bit on my arm at work and its gorgous!

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    Default Re: Tauer Incense Rose

    Congrats. Next order I place with Min, will have to request a sample.

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    Default Re: Tauer Incense Rose

    Quote Originally Posted by PalmBeach View Post
    Congrats. Next order I place with Min, will have to request a sample.
    That's actually who i used for this purchase. Great customer service and i love that they have switched over to samples with sprayers! Before it was just a small vial you had to dab on, and less juice. They give a good 1.5-2ml.

    I also requested samples and i received LDDM since this is one of the bottles i sold off since it did not get much use and wanted to confirm i did not make a bad decision....Let's just say i put a small spray on my other hand and i'm slapping myself for getting rid of that bottle!!!

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