Hi Guys, relatively new to fragrances and need a suggestion for something new.

M7 1st Reformulation and Original

Chanel Allure
Chanel Platinum Egoiste
YSL L'Homme

Dior Homme
Chanel Bleu De (not bad, just nothing flash)
Terre D'Hermes (YES sorry, it seems to be very popular here)

YSL Body Kourous (want to like it, projection and longevity is great, but is makes me feel nauseous)
Armani Code

I am still at Uni (19 years old) so my budget is probably limited to about $200. I work in a major Australian retail store that stocks most standard fragrances so I test frags whenever possible. The only time I have ever been amazed was when I ordered a sample of M7. That blew me away. I usually wear Allure daily, but try to wear M7 as much as possible. I thought that Terre D'Hermes may have been the one for me as it seemed so good (online reviews, word of mouth etc) but the initial spray was SO overpowering and it just seems a little old for me. I would consider a Creed fragrance, however it would most likely be a blind buy.

Unfortunately a lot of fragrances smell very similar to Allure. I cant justify purchasing something so similar.

I would appreciate all suggestions!