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    Default Suggestions? Need something new!

    Hi Guys, relatively new to fragrances and need a suggestion for something new.

    M7 1st Reformulation and Original

    Chanel Allure
    Chanel Platinum Egoiste
    YSL L'Homme

    Dior Homme
    Chanel Bleu De (not bad, just nothing flash)
    Terre D'Hermes (YES sorry, it seems to be very popular here)

    YSL Body Kourous (want to like it, projection and longevity is great, but is makes me feel nauseous)
    Armani Code

    I am still at Uni (19 years old) so my budget is probably limited to about $200. I work in a major Australian retail store that stocks most standard fragrances so I test frags whenever possible. The only time I have ever been amazed was when I ordered a sample of M7. That blew me away. I usually wear Allure daily, but try to wear M7 as much as possible. I thought that Terre D'Hermes may have been the one for me as it seemed so good (online reviews, word of mouth etc) but the initial spray was SO overpowering and it just seems a little old for me. I would consider a Creed fragrance, however it would most likely be a blind buy.

    Unfortunately a lot of fragrances smell very similar to Allure. I cant justify purchasing something so similar.

    I would appreciate all suggestions!

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    Default Re: Suggestions? Need something new!

    Carbone de Balmain
    Burberry London

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    Default Re: Suggestions? Need something new!

    Start sampling before committing to an expensive pruchase...sample sample sample...

    Discover my Guest Reviewer Of The Day here

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    Default Re: Suggestions? Need something new!

    I think you should just sample more, simply because doing so will help you learn to appreciate various notes. Just a few month ago, I couldn't really tolerate woods, florals, pretty much anything except citruses, and now just a little while later, my tastes have completely changed. But based on your current likes:

    Bond No. 9 Coney Island
    Creed's Green Irish Tweed, Millesime Imperial, Aventus
    Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue for Women
    Issey Miyake

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    Default Re: Suggestions? Need something new!

    Thanks for the responses so far!

    I have tried Burberry London and didn't really enjoy it, ill give it another chance at work tomorrow night!

    I will be sampling, I sampled most of my fragrances that I have owned (Except for Armani Code, CK Man, Cool Water. All gifts)

    After doing more research I shortlisted Aventus and Millesime Imperial.
    Never heard of Issey Miyake but L'Eua D'Issey PH sounds like something I would enjoy. It is also something I have never heard of and that I wouldn't have found.

    So far im going to order samples of:
    L'Eua D'Issey

    I used perfumedcourt for an order last time, cant fault their packaging or prices but it took about a month to arrive in Melbourne. Pretty slack!

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    Default Re: Suggestions? Need something new!

    I'd try samples of Tom Ford Oud Wood and Tom Ford for Men. Perhaps swing over to a more citrusy scent as a change of pace?

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    Default Re: Suggestions? Need something new!

    Versace Man Eau Fraiche (Try this instead of Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue for women)
    Allure Homme Edition Blanche (Nice spring/summer scent Lemon Meringue pie type smell)
    Prada Amber Pour Homme (I think this would fit your taste perfectly)
    CK1 Shock (I could definitely see a 19yr old wearing this one)
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    Default Re: Suggestions? Need something new!

    Apparently Oud Absolue has a less harsh opening compared to both vintage and reformulated M7 yet maintains the classic smell. I will probably buy a bottle regardless. M7 is just that good, i go and smell the bottle occasionally throughout the day, is that weird?

    Tom Ford Oud Wood and For Men were also on my long shortlist (if that makes sense?). Oud Wood seems really intriguing whereas For Men seems a little generic (basenoters agree). That being said I probably should make the decision myself.

    To Sample:
    L'Eua D'Issey
    Oud Wood - Tom Ford
    Maybe Tom Ford For Men

    I want to keep the limit at 10, ill keep changing this list for about another week then order the samples

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    Default Re: Suggestions? Need something new!

    I'd change the TF Men to extreme, throw in a vetiver scent like Grey Vetiver, add a +1 to Prada amber PH if you think you like the smell of expensive soap, and finally Fahrenheit.

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    Default Re: Suggestions? Need something new!

    Aqua Fahrenheit by Christian Dior - This is a considerably toned down version of the original, masterpiece Fahrenheit. No negative connotation is implied or should be taken; rather, this is a distinctive composition, somewhat bright and fresh, with ties to the original.
    Initially, one is treated to a blast of sparkling grapefruit, with its sour greenness, tempered by a hint of sweetness from the mandarin. This invigorating, citrus melange is drawn to the heart by a nascent mint. Here, in the heart, the cool spearmint comes into its own with its sweet, green facets, and commingles with violet leaf, with its intense freshness and a hint of cucumber. Basil infuses the refreshing blend with a lively dusting of its lemon-like, savory herb. A very faint undercurrent of petro/gasoline can be sensed. Transition to the base, a rather ordinary, woods accord presents, and interplays with a light, almost airy, Haitian vetiver as well as a subtle leather. A placid drydown ensues. This high-quality composition is bright and fresh, and should prove to be very versatile. Having average projection and longevity, this scent will, indeed, shine in the spring, summer and fall.


    CK One Shock for Him by Calvin Klein - One is initially treated to a mildly fresh accord. Clementine, with its sweet orangey and faint floral facets, lavender with its clean, herbal character, as well as cumcumber, with its medicinal, sea-like aspect, all commingle in a brisk concoction. A cloud of something, perhaps aldehydes or the cryptic, energy drink accent, imparts an effervescence to the invigorating blend. Transitioning to the heart, a field day with herbs is had. Leafy, black basil, with its licorice accent, vivacious and woody black pepper as well as mildly spicy and sweet cardamom encase the opening. A nascent tobacco serves as a backdrop to the herbal jubilation. Segueing to the base, the rich and spicy tabacco has come into full bloom, while an earthy mustiness of patchouli flitters about. A pleasant ambrene wood infuses its laurel-like, sweet and spicy, woody overtures. And, a casheran musk imparts its velvety, somewhat floral bouquet. An enjoyable drydown ensues. This versatile composition is an all-season scent with average projection and average longevity, 6-8 hours. Its favorable price point makes this fragrance even more welcomed.

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    Default Re: Suggestions? Need something new!

    I would consider a Creed fragrance, however it would most likely be a blind buy.

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    Default Re: Suggestions? Need something new!

    Ambre Sultan and Incense Oud.

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    Default Re: Suggestions? Need something new!

    Thinking about adding Encre Noire or perhaps Chanel Sycomore, any point in try the two or should I just try one as they are apparently very similar?

    I will try "Dior - Fahrenheit" at work on Friday. It can only be better than Dior Homme which in my opinion smelt like a very feminine black current lozenge, generic mother perfume.

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