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    Default looking for a new fragrance recomendation

    My wife wears burberry brit and ck ephoria I really like the spicy warm smell it has kind of like oriental incense is there a mens fragrance like that,that is long lasting, I like aqua de sliva cause it smells like an old warm sweater to me. That's sort of how brit smells to me cozy and close like wool in winter anyone have any recomendations?

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    Default Re: looking for a new fragrance recomendation

    Jewel For Him by M Micallef perhaps.

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    Default Re: looking for a new fragrance recomendation

    The very cheap Stetson original (the one with a cowboy, sold in drugstores for $20) is an excellent warm oriental, and a steal for the price.


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    Default Re: looking for a new fragrance recomendation

    Bulgari pour Homme Soir by Bulgari - An initial burst of refreshing bergamot, halfway between a lemon and an orange, with its tart and juicy green and very faint mint-like aspects, professes the clean and fresh opening. The darjeeling tea beckons the invigorating bergamot to stew in the heart, and infuses it with its somewhat powdery and medicinal woodiness morphing the sharp citrus into a more fruity bent. Guaiacwood, with its honey and smoky features, and papyrus, with its withered grassy and light wood facets, serve as a background for the simmering brew, which has acquired a sweet and wet earthiness. The waiting base, with its soft and almost syrupy amber as well as its radiant and slightly soapy musk, tugs for recognition and carries the tea blend to its delightful drydown. This classy fragrance can be an all-season treat, and has average projection, becoming a skin scent, and good longevity.


    Chene by Serge Lutens - One is initially treated to an enveloping aura of freshly planed lumber, at once astringent, somewhat akin to the sour spitup of a baby, and yet, faintly sweet. A fruity booziness of rum as well as a syrupy immortelle, with its herbaceous, sweet hay aspect, swirl about redolent of an oozed sap. Transitioning to the awaiting middle, a rich, smoky cedar rises to usurp the opening wood, while oakmoss imparts its foresty, green bitterness, which is pleasantly offset by delightsome honey. Splashes of lemony thyme flitter about. Segueing to the enriching base, a robust birch bestows its root beer commingling with wintergreen aroma. Beeswax supplies its cured tobacco and sweet hay aspects. And, tonka bean offers its rich spiciness and smokiness. The intermingling of these scents creates a pleasing drydown. This high-quality composition has average projection and very good longevity. This somewhat rustic fragrance definitely leans to the masculine side.

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    Default Re: looking for a new fragrance recomendation

    Why don't you borrow your wife's brit and euphoria, try them out, and see what you think?

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