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    Default perfume for my wife

    I wana get my wife a gift a beautiful sexy fragrance . She was at a store today and she tried bond no 9 I lobe NY for her in pink bottle . She said she loves the pastry smell on it. So what are some other perfumes close to this bond no 9 pink bottle ? She use to love john varvstos but I its discontinued.

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    Default Re: perfume for my wife

    Try some Hermès - Ambra Narguillè of
    Guerlain - Cuir Beluga / Angelique Noire

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    Default Re: perfume for my wife

    John Varvatos can still be found on Ebay and discount stores.

    Bond # 9 is a sweet, woody oriental vanilla. Hypnotic Poison came to mind. Also, blueberries are in that one. Mure et Musc by L'Artisan might be one she would like. Bleecker Street by Bond # 9 might be another one, Hanae Mori is an oriental vanilla with blueberry..those were my initial ideas.

    And with the John Varvatos being a honey scent with patch, Hypnose Senses by Lancome. Also, another sweet, honey with patch I absolutely love is Lady Million by Paco Rabanne.

    Also, it looks like she might like plum as well as blueberry..I do think of Midnight Fantasy by Brit Spears as a sweet, plum/blueberry..just a thought.

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    Default Re: perfume for my wife

    +1 for Ambre Narguilee, also try Anne Pliska; gorgeous pastry smell with a hint of orange. You can get a sample from
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    Default Re: perfume for my wife


    The only ones I know are Les Senteurs Goumandes Petite Madeleine (smells like the tiny French cakes with a hint of vanilla and cinnamon), L de Lempicka (more cinnamon and vanilla), and La Petite Robe Noire (vanilla orange macarron).
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    Default Re: perfume for my wife

    Well ironically, I stumbled upon John Varvatos today and after sniffing that one, I would say to give the Hypnose Senses a try. I am not sure if it's discontinued or not though..but can be found online. I would get a sample of that Lady Million too. Even Coco Mademoiselle might be up her alley, the EDT version though.

    And pastry..I thought of What We Do in Paris is Secret by A Lab On Fire. Has honey and vanilla and is creamy, pastry like.

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