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    Exclamation Sold by Amazon trustworthy?

    Are frags sold on Amazon BY Amazon most likely legit? I may end up picking up some stuff (Maybe ysl('s), and other(s)?)

    This is about the sold by Amazon, not a third party seller through Amazon.

    I bumped a necro thread from 2011 (with no replies) someone else posted, and I just recently realized that's it in a different section; thus the creation of this thread in this section.


    For reference:

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    Default Re: Sold by Amazon trustworthy?

    Sold by Amazon is completely reliable. They will also refund you in full ans not ask you to return if there is any problem with the bottle.
    Most 3rd part sellers are legit also. Tuccini, fragrancenet, beautyencounter, parum1, 99perfum(they are a store in dallas that i buy from when there)

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    Default Re: Sold by Amazon trustworthy?

    I have ordered a few things from Amazon and have never been let down. (Ex. Chrome Legend, YSL L'Homme and a few others in the same price range) I've only ordered them through Amazon by amazon or if I had previously done business with the 3rd party like Fragrancenet. The problem I have read though is if someone does have an issue with amazon over what could potentially be a fake bottle, it seems like there's a war before amazon issues any refunds if they even decide to issue a refund. I actually quit dealing with Amazon concerning cologne because I've read too many horror stories and I didn't want to press my luck. I usually just use now. I've always had great experiences with them.
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    Default Re: Sold by Amazon trustworthy?

    As the others have said, very reliable. I've bought several bottles from Amazon with no problem. I've also had good transactions with several of the affiliates that Heperd mentioned.

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    Default Re: Sold by Amazon trustworthy?

    Lucky Scent and Beauty Cafe also sell through Amazon.
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    Default Re: Sold by Amazon trustworthy?

    Completely reliable and also most of the third party sellers as has been mentioned
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    Default Re: Sold by Amazon trustworthy?

    Never had a problem with anything sold through Amazon be it fragrance or otherwise.

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    Default Re: Sold by Amazon trustworthy?

    Amazon here in UK (or anywhere worldwide) has to be one of the best online retailers out there. Very easy to obtain refunds as well; I once wanted a refund for an iPhone case which I've used for 3 days, and they did without questioning.

    My Cuir de Lancome was purchased on Amazon. So yea. Definitely legit.

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    Default Re: Sold by Amazon trustworthy?

    Thanks for the replies. I went ahead and ordered with Amazon and Walgreens (20% off code going on right now, does Walgreens get most/all (or what?) of their fragrance stock from fragrancenet?). ^_^

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