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    Yes, really!

    Firstly, I've seen it in two current-looking bottles, one (the one I didn't buy) is called Marbert Man Classic - any German basenoters know if there's any difference?

    Secondly, and this really surprised me, wow... what a compliment getter! I bought this because I do enjoy the powerhouse scents and wear them for my own enjoyment. However, my beloved, who has a very good sense of smell and can appreciate scents that I find too light (I don't just wear powerhouses, btw) reacted to this by biting my neck and growling!

    I have had some good reactions from women in the past. Burberry London, Body Kouros (lightly), Kouros, Brasil Dream, Eau Sauvage, Lanvin Arpege, Horizon, even good ol' Drakkar Noir; these have all been particularly well received. But nothing like this monster.

    Of course, I went straight back to the eBay seller and bought a backup, as well as the APD stick.

    I think it must have been reformulated, because although it's definitely noticeable, it's not overpowering, and I get the impression that it was formidable before.

    Anyone tried it? Have we both just lost our sense of smell? Is it a skin type thing? (I have latin skin, not olive but very far from dry).

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    Default Re: Marbert Man

    Tried the original one from the late seventies which I didn't care for. Don't know about the one that's out there now.

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    i have mini..made in east got the east germany one?

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    I discovered this when I lived in Germany some years back. It is VERY good indeed. I liken it to Hugo Boss Spirit and to a much lesser extent, Kenneth Cole Black. Good stuff, thumbs up!
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