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    I own a little vial of this mukhallat and have worn it about a dozen times now. I really like it and thought I'd share my impressions. First though, here's the description from Agaraura's website:


    The oud-rose combo is just about the most common pair used in perfumes that contain oud.
    But when it comes to western 'oud' perfumes, virtually all of them use synthetic oud. In Arabian oud-based mukhallats, real oud might be used but as a general rule, the lowest grades of oud are used. Then there's the addition of synthetic musks, Iso E Super, and other aromachemicals - which is standard, in both traditions.

    But what do you get when you blend the finest all-natural ingredients into an oud-rose combo? You get Layali.

    High quality Cambodian and Indian ouds were carefully blended to accentuate deep tobacco and dark leather accents, giving Layali a posh gentlemen's club vibe. You can almost picture the tufted dark leather sofas, and wooden cigar boxes sitting on top of dark mahogany tables.
    One of the most difficult essential oils to work with, Davana, was meticulously fused with the Cambodian oud to produce a delectable plum and red wine aroma - a note so addictive that you'll find it hard to keep your wrist away from your nose.
    There's no musk of any kind (natural or synthetic) in Layali, another reason why it smells very different from all other oud-rose perfumes.
    The blend is embellished with a touch of crisp Taifi rose and sensuous Indian rose. The union is so seamless and perfect in every way that it completely redefines the oud-rose experience.

    Since I had a particular smell already made in my mind that I wanted to recreate in a bottle, I did not care about the cost of the final blend - my aim was only to achieve the scent I envisioned. The blend ended up being comprised mostly of oud, resulting in a higher than expected cost but also an unparalleled potency. No jojoba oil, DPG, or any other dilutants were used. All full-strength natural aromatics.

    There's oud-rose perfumes, and then there's Layali.

    Layali... Discover the gentleman in you.

    My first impression of Layali reminded me of Amouage Tribute... deep, rich and opulent. The blend of Cambodi and Indian ouds have rich tobacco and leather notes, along with ripe fruit. Some people interpret this kind of oud to have "barnyard" notes, and while I don't interpret it that way I think others could for the first few minutes after application. After it warms up on the skin it all comes together and the rose, davana, and fruity notes from the oud combine to make a rich, ripe, boozy red-wine accord over the leather and tobacco. This stage of development is absolutely stunning and lasts 2-3 hours. After this time the scent softens a bit and what I believe to be Lignum Vitea, or Tree of Life essential oil I identified in one of Agaraura's other mukhallats, Oud Chypre, becomes discernible. It's use is more restrained than Oud Chypre, which is good because it has incredible power and longevity (48 hours+ and you can't entirely wash it off), and in Layali it isn't discernable until the drydown. Lignum Vitae has a camphorous top and woody bottom, and in the drydown of Layali these notes mix and change with the other notes as they gradually fade and after 4-5 hours the drydown is dominated by the Lignum Vitae. While the entire Layali experience may only last 4-5 hours or so, it is an amazing transformation and an interesting journey. The quantity and concentration of the application make a difference in the longevity, so you could get more time out of it with a heavier application, but IMO it's probably better to reapply after it's dried down to the lingering Tree of Life note if you wish.

    I am very, very happy with this and wearing it is a great experience. All the better knowing it is a 100% natural product. Speaking of which, don't expect Amouage Tribute kind of projection and sillage, as Tribute uses a generous helping of synthetics. Layali is much smoother and more restrained. People who want a frag that fills large rooms may be disappointed, but those who enjoy a smaller scent bubble will be fine with it.

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    Default Re: Agaraura Layali

    Very nice scent, I enjoyed sampling a couple times.

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    Default Re: Agaraura Layali

    Thanks for sharing this. Interesting.

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    Opulent is the perfect descriptor for this beautiful scent. So very rich!

    I just might need more than my tiny sample...
    Mark K

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