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    Default D&G Velvet Vetiver

    Has anyone tried this?

    I really enjoy it. I think it is a great summer fragrance with its Mediterranean influences, and it's middle of the road enough to wear everyday, yet sophisticated enough with ingrediants of high enough quality that you know it's not the typical department store fragrance counter cheesy 'frag of the month'.

    Also, while unisex I think it leans masculine.

    Diggin it!!!

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    Default Re: D&G Velvet Vetiver

    Looking forward to trying this now!!!
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    Default Re: D&G Velvet Vetiver

    Sounds interesting.

    Can you tell whether the vetiver is crisp or dense?

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    Default Re: D&G Velvet Vetiver

    It's a crisp vetiver with a fig/spice in along with it. And it's quite linear, it dries down almost the same as it opens, and stays that way throughout. Probably get 6-8 hours out of it.

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    Default Re: D&G Velvet Vetiver

    I'm testing this today and I'm sorry to say that I'm not very impressed. Rather flat and underpowered, the best I can say is that it is totally inoffensive. The vetiver is very light and the fig I find too sweet, veering on girly. I can't believe the price they are charging for this one. Not a patch on Fat Electrician or Vetiver Tonka.

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