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    Default Sonoma Scent Studio

    I ordered a bunch of samples from this place and they arrived today. I got Fireside Intense (the description of this one was the reason i ordered in the first place), and also fig tree, winter woods, incense pure, champagne du bois, wood violet, sienna musk, To dream, Voile de violette, egyptian musk and tabac aurea.

    The service from the website was great, and the scents arrived within a week (by post from across the world!) with a nice hand-written note. The scents are really very nice. Fireside intense feels emphatically like the sort of thing I want to wear, it put me in a great mood. I also loved fig tree and incense pure after sampling a tiny bit. They are all very concentrated scents, I think they might be parfum strength.

    Does anybody own any of these? What are your thoughts on them?

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    Default Re: Sonoma Scent Studio

    I don't own any, but I've tried Sienna Musk, Ambre Noir, and Winter Woods. They were pretty run-of-the-mill for me and nothing I personally would consider purchasing, but my daughter liked Velvet Rose.

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    Default Re: Sonoma Scent Studio

    I really enjoyed my samples of Fireside, Fireside Intense, and Winter Woods but my personal favorites were Incense Pure and Encens Tranquille. I didn't get along too well with Voile de Voilette or Woods Violet. I'd love to try Tabac Aurea one day. I love the smell of fresh tobacco!
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    Default Re: Sonoma Scent Studio

    I've only tried tabac aurea and to be honest I was very impressed. Its one of the best tobacco scents Ive tried.

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    Default Re: Sonoma Scent Studio

    I think I am completely in love with Fireside Intense. It is everything I love - strong, dark, smoky, resious, long lasting. I could not think of a better autumn scent, I think I'll probably use up my whole sample before I even reach for Gucci pour homme or michael kors.

    Just put on a dab of Tabac Aurea now and I like it a lot.

    So far it is 4/6 scents I have really liked. I feel like I've struck some kind of scented goldmine.

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    Default Re: Sonoma Scent Studio

    I have a few of SSS's bottles, and I am definitely in the "I'd own them all if I could" category. The stuff is not expensive, yet they don't smell that way, they last forever (they are parfum strength, if I'm not mistaken), and they just fit what I look for in scent-- something that everyone else won't be wearing.
    Tabac Aurea is amazing, btw. it's the one I reach for most (well, that and Sienna Musk)

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    Default Re: Sonoma Scent Studio

    I agree with the people who have actually tried them, and am very impressed with the line - especially Winter Woods.
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    Default Re: Sonoma Scent Studio

    I was just going to order samples from SSS, I will have to wait though as it was between ordering samples from SSS or Ineke. I decided to get the Ineke samples. But the lady from SSS seems nice as well. Need to try!

    Mmm, just read that they(SSS) do custom blends? Wow..wouldn't even know what to try!

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