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    Question Anythng Similar to Tirrenico ???

    I am bowled over by the sheer beauty of this marine fragrance, but the price tag is ridiculous....and I donīt need the luxury of a marble cap. I am looking for something mainstream which shares a well done marine, (sea breeze through pine trees) style theme.
    Any suggestions please ?

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    Default Re: Anythng Similar to Tirrenico ???

    The interplay of notes in this scent seems to be pretty unique.

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    Default Re: Anythng Similar to Tirrenico ???

    Heeley - Sel Marin

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    Default Re: Anythng Similar to Tirrenico ???

    There's nothing like Tirrenico, really. It moves on a very dangerous territory (the marine/ozonic) where most of the fragrances of the same family seem to fail because of their strongly synthetic drydowns.

    There are some cheaper ($) aquatics that are worth checking out but they have very different bases (i.e.New West For Him)

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    Default Re: Anythng Similar to Tirrenico ???

    Tirrenico stands on its own, as far as I'm concerned.

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    Default Re: Anythng Similar to Tirrenico ???

    Save your couch coins and just get it - thats what I did, no regrets. There is no cheaper version.

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    Default Re: Anythng Similar to Tirrenico ???


    Fleurs de Sel by Miller Harris - Initially, one is pleasantly immersed in an herbal deluge of red thyme, with its camphoraceous and woody facets, rosemary, with its linalool and coniferous aspects as well as clary sage, with its dry greenness and salty character. This remarkable accord conjures a parched, salt marshland, and meanders to the awaiting middle. Here, in the majestic heart, free-spirited wildflowers are added to the mix with the rich, floral elegance of narcissus, the spiciness of rugosa rose, as well as the stateliness of iris. The revised melange takes on a seaside splendor. Magical ambrette, with its fruity and oily, inoffensive muskiness supplies a benign undertone. Transitioning to the waiting base, a refreshing medley of relaxed and aged driftwood, luxurious and scented suede, smoky and green oakmoss as well as dry and salty vetiver, coaxes to the alluring drydown. This bewitching composition is basically a skin scent, with average longevity, but is nonetheless singular.


    Eau d'Italie by Eau d'Italie - One is initially treated to a blast of freshness from the bergamot, with its citron-like bittersweetness. Blackcurrant buds, with their fresh fruitiness and a hint of cat pee, marry with the juicy bergamot to exalt a green, invigorating feel. A orangey and peppery frankincense lightly dances about to compliment the refreshing opening. Transitioning to the awaiting middle, the musty earthiness of clay usurps the mix to interplay with the entrancing florals of magnolia, with its lemony and creamy aspects, and tuberose, with its indolic mintiness, exotic sweetness and flashes of salty rubber and gasoline. Segueing to the robust base, Virginia cedar, with its aromatic, pencil shavings, yellow sweet clover, with its sweetly, crushed hay facet, delightsome honey, slightly peppery and musty patchouli, lichen, with its mushroomy greenness, all commingle creating a wonderful, mediterranean accord. Touches of earthy amber and nuanced musk compliment the majestic melange, and lead to an alluring drydown. This masculine-leaning and somewhat brisk composition has average, radiating projection and average longevity. Cognizant that it could be an all-season fragrance, this polished scent will shine in the spring and summer evenings.

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    Default Re: Anythng Similar to Tirrenico ???

    Thanks to everyone for your input !

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