Hello, I have been browsing around this site for a few months, and thanks to fellow members, I am starting to accumulate a decent sized collection of fragrances. I am not good with specific notes yet, although I have been trying to learn! My question is a request for fragrances similar to Drakkar noir and Armani code. I realize Drakkar noir is pretty "played out," so I was wondering what some modern options would be. Something I could wear at night at the bars or "clubs." Again, I'm not good with notes and all this, but I want a "dark" scent; "dark" is how I would describe code and Drakkar noir. Furthermore, I am a typical poor college student, so I am not yet ready to dive into the niche scents. So maybe $80 tops for one fragrance. The cheaper the better however! Also, what would these such "dark" fragrances classified as? I read it would be an aromatic fougere, but I am not certain if this is correct. Sorry for my extreme newbie-ness, and sorry if this question has been asked before! Looking forward to hearing any and all recommendations!