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    It was described to me over the phone as having a slightly sweet minty smell. However, this essential oil is very powerfully sweet, smokey, and greasy smelling. It is reminiscent of vinegar and bacon and a maple syrup smoke smell. It smells like this german potato salad that comes in a can which I do not care for. Not sure how I will use this oil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Starsoflight View Post
    It is reminiscent of vinegar and bacon and a maple syrup smoke smell.
    Love this description as it comes close to how I would describe it.

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    Very bacony/meaty indeed. It definitely has its uses though as a touch note to contrast with other woody materials. It's also cheap as essential oils go.

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    I also got 'meaty' upon first smelling, which I was not expecting. It is definitely dry, smoky and woody, not sweet to me.
    Actually I think it is useful to balance sweetness. Different to other fragrant woods, devoid of floral and resinous notes.
    It is an awkward note when standing alone but it suddenly makes sense when blended.

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