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    Default Good Life by davidoff

    Has anyone here used good life by davidoff before and what are your thoughts?

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    Default Re: Good Life by davidoff

    It is a nice oriental, slightly synthetic but for the price it is not bad, especially in the cold months of a year that you are entering now in Australia. The most prominent notes on this skin are fig, sandalwood and vanilla. That said, there are better vanillas and figs around, why not try layering? And then again, if you are looking for this specific combo in one bottle, try checking the Bay for Laurence Dumont Fig Sauvage.

    The floral heart is done with the light hand, nothing too loud or screechy.
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    Default Re: Good Life by davidoff

    Good Life was my signature for six years and I was sad to let it go once it was discontinued. On me it started with a good mix of green and citrus, drying down to a fig and vanilla middle and finally ending up with a vanilla musk. As mentioned above, it is certainly not a loud fragrance and to my nose it is suitable for year-round daytime use.

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