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    Default Recommend a Fragrance for Everyday Wear

    I'm a newbie here. To give you a brief background of my tastes, I tried Acqua Di Gio for my first fragrance after hearing of its popularity everywhere, and also because it's not THAT common here in India. But after having bought and using it for a day or two, I found it to be very synthetic and couldn't stand the soapy smell. I exchanged it for Le Male, which I occasionally wear at parties and on cooler evenings.

    Yesterday at a mall nearby, I tried a few fragrances.
    Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme - didn't like it.
    L'eau d' Issey - found it a bit too sweet for my taste.
    Versace Dreamer - Opening was nice, but again at drydown, it smelled soapy.
    D & G PH - Used to like it before. But this time it smelled too sweet.
    Gucci Pour Homme - Overall nice. But smelled a bit like ointments and oils common in India.
    Gucci Pour Homme II - Fantastic fragrance! Very relaxing. Loved the tea note.

    Now, I was considering buying the Gucci Pour Homme II. The only thing that has kept me from doing that are its poor longevity and sillage. Should I anyway consider buying it?

    Also, I've been reading about fragrances, and according to their availability here in India, am also considering these -
    YSL Live Jazz
    YSL L' Homme

    According to my taste, what do you suggest? Are there any more fragrances I should consider?

    Also, because of the dismal availability of designer fragrances in India at affordable prices (where they are available, the prices are very high) I could ask a friend of mine, who's in Singapore at present, to get it from there. Since he doesn't know much about fragrances, should I just tell him which ones to buy? (after barganing, of course). If so, which are the places in Singapore where I could ask him to buy? (Online as well as Offline)

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