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    Default Anyone tried Tauer's Vetiver Dance?

    Hello Everyone,

    I am currently in search of some great, feminine vetiver fragrances (fell in love with Vetiver Pour Elle, so now I want more), and I came across Tauer's Vetiver Dance, which seem to divide people a a great deal. Please share your experience and thoughts, if you have tried it! Thanks!

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    Default Re: Anyone tried Tauer's Vetiver Dance?

    I tried it this week, and I love it as a masculine, myself. I got a nice-sized sample of Tauer's Vetiver Dance from Lucky Scent, when I bought a bottle of Tauer's l'Air du Desert Marocain from LS. I was aware of the less-than-favorable review by TS in Turin & Sanchez' The Guide--something about Mr. Tauer having used the wrong (read: metallic) floral with this blend. For my own comparison, I have used--for years--Guerlain's Vetiver (which Turin describes as 'reference vetiver' (and I love it)).

    I used a liberal amount, a few times this week, to try Vetiver Dance. I find the vetiver root itself has more 'punch' than Guerlain's example. True, there are some (supportive) floral notes alongside the vetiver in VD--but they are only readily apparent in the top notes. The heart, and the drydown, are all heavy with vetiver root, a pronounced emphasis on that ingredient. Which strikes me as appropriate, since the name of the EDT is 'VETIVER Dance'. The scents commingled in Vetiver Dance are bit players; this thing is great for any man or a woman who really likes the vetiver root. In the Tauer formulation, the vetiver is a bit stronger, broader, more salubrious than the Guerlain fragrance--which is rendered, by comparison, a bit thin.

    Pricey, to be sure--Tauer fragrances aren't cheap--but absolutely worth it.

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    Default Re: Anyone tried Tauer's Vetiver Dance?

    I may even begin using Vetiver Dance instead of Guerlain's Vetiver, once I have completely used the bottle of Guerlain's fragrance.
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    Default Re: Anyone tried Tauer's Vetiver Dance?

    I fit it and although I am a Tauer's fan confessed, I find the former to be too "Green" almost biting, Sycamore from Chanel Les Exclusiefs might be a more refine option.

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    Default Re: Anyone tried Tauer's Vetiver Dance?

    It marries the Tauer base with a vetiver and it somehow feels odd - I'm still testing it. Some days it seems together and full yet on others it feels pithy and a bit sour. I'm not sure what to make of it yet.

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    Default Re: Anyone tried Tauer's Vetiver Dance?

    I'm a vetiver lover and I like other Tauer scents, especially l'air du désert marocain. However I don't like Vetiver dance at all. It's unbalanced (reminding me slightly of the l'Artisan Vetiver sacré thingy). In the drydown it has urinous notes on my skin.
    There are so much better vetivers out there. I recommend trying Lubin's vetiver.

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    Default Re: Anyone tried Tauer's Vetiver Dance?

    I have to admit I am not a fan of hardcore vetiver scents and Vetiver Dance is surely one of them. I did not find it feminine at all. For feminine vetivers I would suggest Coueur de Vetiver Sacre and Vetiver-Tonka. For less feminine but not yet hardcore: Vetiver Extraordinaire and Grey Vetiver.

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    Default Re: Anyone tried Tauer's Vetiver Dance?

    Like DieNase, Vetiver Dance goes urinous on me. Otherwise, I think it's a beautiful floral vetiver. I did find it feminine enough; my first sample was sent by a male BNer who found it too feminine. I understood why, I got very pronounced florals on my skin. I'd buy it if not for that urinous note.

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    Default Re: Anyone tried Tauer's Vetiver Dance?

    i've ordered from LuckyScent a sample, I am really curious about it now !

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    Default Re: Anyone tried Tauer's Vetiver Dance?

    I'm glad there's a new(ish) thread -- since I just recently tried on Vetiver Dance and it WAS LOVE AT FIRST SNIFF!

    This is one of those niche creations that walks the fine line between bizarre concept and (for me) complete wearability. I've sampled over 200 niche scents -- and this is one of two I wear consistently. The other is Tubereuse Criminelle, also a polarizing affair. Obviously, I'm not against florals.

    Now about the scent itself.
    It is NOT NOT NOT a vetiver "soliflore". It's a warmed-up complex Tauer riff on vetiver. Herbs and spices on top, animalic notes and tonka in the base. The closest reference I have in concept (not scent) is Antaeus (herbs + woods + castoreum).

    There are elements of his signature sweet resinous base, in this case, wtih the ambergris amplified, giving the drydown a smilar effect (not smell) as Antaeus' use of castoreum. Like Antaeus, it will get animalic/urinous/sweaty. And there is a LOT of ambergris.

    This is the highlight of Vetiver Dance -- I personally love this type of fragrance that can combine with body chemistry to straddle the clean/dirty line. I find that at the end of the day, these scents often smell better to me than scents that "go off" -- because they have lost their top notes, and their bases smell stale if not refreshed. At day's end, Vetiver Dance feels "lived-in", not "worn-out" -- it just gets better! For me the BLEND is what this scent is all about -- far into the drydown, I can still catch the vetiver, but it melts with resins, sweat, a salty note (like in Duc de Vervins), something anise-y (like Rive Gauche)...

    Vetiver Dance won't appeal to vetiver purists, or fans of current "leaner", "transparent" Duchaufour/Ellena/Giacobetti-style scents (some of which I admire, but don't wear). It's more like a Roudnitska, Flechier. or even a Bernard Chant Aramis/Estee Lauder creation. (Devin is one of my favorites).
    I think Vetiver Dance is very much inspired by an older aesthetic -- heavily blended, animalic, abstract, man-made, NON-naturalistic, very old-school French. It's like Perfume that announces itself with a capital P, not trying to reference anything else. If you're looking for a "picture" of vetiver, this is not for you. It will be delightful if the idea of "dancing" with vetiver appeals to you -- pursuing it, playing hide-and-seek with it, and ultimately melding with it.

    NOTE: Skin chemistry is KEY for perfumes with animalic bases. I can't wear civet at all, but LOVE castoreum, honey, and ambergris. I also find that Tauer scents are particularly dependent on skin chemistry. L'ADDM sits on me like a blob of molasses, but it's considerably drier on my partner!

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    Default Re: Anyone tried Tauer's Vetiver Dance?

    If you want a unisex vetiver, try Mazzolari. There are nice floral notes there.

    Vetiver Dance was too harsh for me. Very woody and dry.

    One of my favorites is still FMalle's Vetiver Extraordinaire.
    Currently wearing: French Cancan by Caron

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    Default Re: Anyone tried Tauer's Vetiver Dance?

    Yes animalic notes are like any others, they can depend heavily on skin chemistry. It must also depend on the chemicals used. For instance, FM's Une Rose will also go urinous on me if I wear it when temps are warm. I know it uses Karanal, an amber that I'm wondering if Tauer uses as well. Conversely, I've never had trouble with Antaeus (or any Chanel for that matter) doing anything funky on me. Same with lots of others I wear with civet, amber, etc.

    Perszona, did you get your sample yet? What did you think?

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    Default Re: Anyone tried Tauer's Vetiver Dance?

    I like Vetiver Dance and if you are looking for a sweeter, more feminine vetiver. Might I also suggest Fat Electrician? It trumped Vetiver Dance for me.

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    Default Re: Anyone tried Tauer's Vetiver Dance?

    Yesterday found 09 sample Andy send me it blew me away again. My favorite vetiver. Lushes, sweet, more rounder and versatile. Perfect for crispy bright spring morning.

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    Default Re: Anyone tried Tauer's Vetiver Dance?

    I find it revolting -- bitter, earthy. I think my review likened it to what a pig might smell searching for truffles.

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    Default Re: Anyone tried Tauer's Vetiver Dance?

    go with Malle's Vetiver Extraordinaire...its perfectly unisex imho...

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