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    Default Recommendations based on my current fragrance collection

    Hello! I'm new to the forum and I'm looking to expand on my current fragrance rotation and hoping you can help. Here is a list of my current scents and what I like/dislike about them. I'm especially looking for something lighter to wear to work and something stronger to wear at night in warmer weather, but will take all suggestions. Some of these are a little expected/common and I'm definitely open to rarer or more unexpected scents.

    I'm not entirely sure what my preferences are, other than I seem to really like grapefruit or anything fresh and clean smelling (but definitely looking to branch out). I'm still too new at this to find any other similarities. I can't put my finger on what I dislike about some perfumes, but for an example I tried the Shalimar Parfum Initial and it was just too obvious somehow. Generally, I'm less concerned with OTHER people smelling me, and I mostly wear perfume to smell on myself during the day.

    DKNY Be Delicious - I like the fresh/fruity scent, but this is something I smell on other people sometimes and I'd like a more sophisticated option. This is also a little strong for work, so I'd like a lighter equivalent because I'm still wearing it at work .
    Guerlain Aqua Allegoria Herba Fresca - I love that this scent isn't obviously perfume and prefer to wear it in spring/summer during the day. This fades too quickly on me. Definitely interested in other scents in this line if you have suggestions.
    Lolita Lempicka - This is my go to winter night out scent. Not sure if it's the licorice, but it's just a sexy scent on me. I'd love more recommendations in this vein (would Theirry Mugler Angel work?). This is what I wear only on the occasions when I want other people to notice my scent.
    Lolita Lempicka Forbidden Flower - Bought this one by accident thinking it was the other Lolita, ended up loving it. This is my daytime Lolita and probably the most obviously feminine scent I can stand.
    L'occitane Cherry Blossom - Only use this in the summer. I like the fruityness but find it a little on the sweet side.
    Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue - Nice and fresh but there is something a little too "perfumey" for me to make this a regular. I get tired of it quickly and then put it away for a year until I forget about it.
    Hermes un jardin sur le toit- Okay, I wasn't paying attention and accidentally bought the lotion at the duty-free shop. So I hardly ever wear it, but wanted to include it because I find it awesome and will be purchasing the EDT.

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    Default Re: Recommendations based on my current fragrance collection

    Oh! I should also mention that I sometimes wear the Lush Gorilla Perfume in Vanillary. I like the warmth of that vanilla and am open to adding some more "real" perfumes with vanilla.

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    Default Re: Recommendations based on my current fragrance collection


    Lolita Lempicka and Angel have the same base of patchouli - if you like the drydown of LL (that is, how it smells after a few hours), you'll also like the drydown of Angel. Of course, the top is very different. Angel is a blast of fruits, cotton candy and flowers, it projects like crazy; great, but you need to be comfortable with that. In niche territory, Visa by Piguet has a similar base, but the top is deep ripe-fruity.

    For vanilla, the reference is Shalimar (the regular, not the flankers), which is quite different from the parfum initial (which is very powdery, with fruity floral touches). Few flowers in Shalimar, it's an oriental, amber and vanilla. Guerlain also has another vanilla marvel, Jicky (a little "dirtier"). For a fresher take on vanilla, you can also check Caron pour un homme, lavender and amber, as classic as it gets; marketed to men, but perfect on a woman too.

    For freshness, your liking Jardin sur le toit perhaps means you'd like green scents. Easy to find there's Cristalle by Chanel or Private Collection by Estee Lauder (note: they smell fresh but they are rather powerful). If you have access to niche perfumes, the brand Diptyque specializes in lighter, more natural smelling things, so you might be able to find something in there.

    I dislike Light blue too (for either sex), I find it rather sharp and chemical. It's designed to be persistent. As you've probably noticed, citrus notes are wonderfully fresh but are very fleeting (see for instance Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune, a wonderful grapefruit, that goes away in 1 hr though). For very fresh and persistent, I prefer vetiver; there are several vetiver perfumes, typically marketed to men (Guerlain vetiver, Tom Ford Grey Vetiver).


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    Default Re: Recommendations based on my current fragrance collection

    Welcome to Basenotes danielle.

    Great recommendations from cacio.

    I think Angel is great, but definitely more of an attention-getter than LL. You should test it - it's easy to find in department stores. Also, I just tested Martine Micallef Jewel for Her. It has a similar candy/floral combo to Angel at the start, and settles into nice sweet, soft earthy floral. I think it's much more interesting and less "showy" that Angel. It's expensive but you can order 5ml minis from her website for $15 to try it out.

    I think Shalimar is the best ever, but I hate Parfum Initial. You may find Shalimar a bit too much - it's no lightweight. If you want something lighter and fresher, you may like Eau de Shalimar, which is discontinued, but still readily available online for pretty cheap. Also, try the different concentrations of Shalimar - the Eau de Cologne may work for you.

    I agree about Aqua Allegoria Pamplelune - if you like grapefruit, you have to try it. It doesn't last, but just carry some in a purse spray and reapply. It's not too expensive either.

    In Diptyque's line, you should try Philosykos - smells like fresh fig. It's amazing - realistic, fresh and airy. A beautiful scent that is a real pleasure to smell.
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