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    Default Contemporary Or Special Classics!

    I am a 27 year old male and I am looking for some CONTEMPORARY or "Special," classic scents. My clothing style will be MODERN, or a modern spin on some old classic styles of dress. Some colognes I have in mind are Bond #9 Chez Bond, Amouage Reflection Man, Musc Ravaguer, Dior Homme Intense, Creed green Irish Tweed and Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male. Help me stay fresh and in the "now!" No limit on price. Any suggestions or opinions are appreciated, Thank you in advance for any feedback you provide. Just to clarify a bit, by fresh I mean something with "swag" something that will be noticed or draw attention something thats "poppin'." I maybe I should watch my slang! Lol
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    Default Re: Contemporary Or Special Classics!

    Carbone de Balmain
    Montale Full Incense
    Burberry London

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    Default Re: Contemporary Or Special Classics!

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    Default Re: Contemporary Or Special Classics!

    If your style is modern/contemporary, you can also check some of the Comme des Garcons brand. For instance, CDG2 Man, a lemony incense. Also Etat Libre d'Orange, another avant-garde brand, for instance, Tom of Finland (lemony-saffrony).


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    Default Re: Contemporary Or Special Classics!


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    Default Re: Contemporary Or Special Classics!

    My SOTD:

    Musc Ravageur by Frederic Malle - A blast of freshness hits you with the hay-like sweetness of lavender commingling with the zesty citrus of bergamot. This refreshing opening transitions to its middle with the boatload of cloves, imparting a thick, wet earthiness with a faintly sweet dimension. This raises the dark avenue of travel for this composition. As the cloves percolate, a warm, mellow cinnamon with a hint of a civet musk gather steam, and stew with the hearty cloves. The billowing animalic musk coupled with the extraordinary spices transforms the heart into a rapturous sensuality. Hints of sweetness in the form of vanilla and tonka bean tug at this sexual melange leading it to the captivating base. As the spicy component of the heart fades away, the musk mixes with the tonka bean to give a fleeting chocolate aura drawing it closer to the base. The vanilla and tonka bean envelop the rousing musk and join with a woods backdrop, to wit, balsamic cedarwood, aromatic sandalwood and sweet guiac wood, to give creamy and powdery facets to the mellifluous drydown. This well blended and complex fragrance has excellent longevity and good projection, after 5-6 hours becoming a skin scent.

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    Default Re: Contemporary Or Special Classics!

    Thanks to all who took time to respond!

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    Black oud if you meant loud. While not considered fresh I think it will do the job of getting noticed.
    Chanel cormondale if you already enjoy musc ravageur. .

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    Default Re: Contemporary Or Special Classics!


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    Default Re: Contemporary Or Special Classics!

    I think Invasion Barbare by MDCI will fit the bill nicely.
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    Default Re: Contemporary Or Special Classics!

    I'll second CDG2Man and a bunch of ELDOs (in your case Je Suis Un Homme, Eloge Du Traitre, Fat Electrician and Tom Of Finland above all).

    Sartorial and Eau Mage could be other valid options.

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    Default Re: Contemporary Or Special Classics!

    Thank you.

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