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    Default Green Valley Creed...

    Is there anything similar other than GIT.


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    Default Re: Green Valley Creed...

    I'm yet to smell anything that reminds me of Green Valley.

    Some people say Fahrenheit, but I don't get it.
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    Default Re: Green Valley Creed...

    I really like Green Valley as well. I'm not a huge Creed fan, but this is one of my favorites from the house. I find it far superior to Green Irish Tweed. To me, it's fresher, sweeter, and just more comfortable. I certainly prefer Green Valley's drydown over GIT's. Green Valley ends with a kind of sweet vanilla musk instead of that awful sweaty ambergris note that Im not a fan of in most Creeds. There may be a touch of ambergris, but nowhere near as much as in GIT, MI, etc.

    Of course GV is discontinued & I only have samples myself. Although, I am thinking of biting the bullet and buying one of the few bottles that remain sometime. Only thing is, I here GV can go bad after awhile, and since it's been discontinued for 2 or 3 years, I'm a little wary of paying a premium for an "iffy" bottle. But overall, I find it a very unique, fresh green/sweet scent, and really wish Creed had kept this one on the market.

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    The original Paul Smith for Men in the green bottle is kind of similar in a way, but i've not found anything really close. Green Valley is really good; it's also really different from most other Creeds. It smells expensive, while also being a tad sporty. I can't believe they discontinued this-- If they'd pushed this one a bit more, it could have been one of their biggest sellers.

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    Default Re: Green Valley Creed...

    I own a bottle of the Green Valley from early 00s, and its still good.

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    Default Re: Green Valley Creed...

    Also think it's pretty unique. Have it and love it.

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    Default Re: Green Valley Creed...

    I haven't found anything quite like it. It'll be greatly missed when my dwindling supply is used up.

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    Default Re: Green Valley Creed...


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    Default Re: Green Valley Creed...

    Where's jcrich?

    I thought he'd be onto this thread in a nanosecond!
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    Default Re: Green Valley Creed...

    Oh, I'm here John!

    Is my love for this fragrance that obvious?
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    Default Re: Green Valley Creed...

    Parfums du Nicolai Vie de ChatÓue Intense.

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    Default Re: Green Valley Creed...

    Smells very much like. . . a green valley. . . green, fragrant, slightly floral. . . highly recommended.

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    Default Re: Green Valley Creed...

    To me, it really smells a lot like Fahrenheit in the opening, then moves onto GIT/Al Andalus attar...
    Pretty groovy frag.
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    Default Re: Green Valley Creed...

    A very underrated Creed. I do not know of anything similar but I do see the relation to GIT. To me it smells like GIT with mint added. Also fwiw I've read that it's supposed to invoke the feeling of a golf course which I can totally see.
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    Default Re: Green Valley Creed...

    This a unique fragrance. Not similar to GIT for me.

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    Default Re: Green Valley Creed...

    I have not found anything similar to Green Valley. It is a very nice fragrance and I prefer it over GIT, though they really are not that similar.

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    Default Re: Green Valley Creed...

    I too absolutely love this fragrance. I have two 1 oz bottles that should last quite a while because I only use this once in a great while. I've not really come across anything that I find truly similar.
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