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    Default Everyday-wear recommendations

    Hello everyone!

    I'm looking for my next "daily driver" if you will. I have worn Sottile by YOSH pretty much every day for the last 18 months. I'm a 26yo female working as a mid-level employee in an office setting and am looking for a new fragrance to buy. I like some sillage and a lot of staying power. I hate powdery fragrances. I'd prefer perfume oil. I'd prefer niche/smaller fragrance houses to something more main-stream like Dior or Liz Claiborne or something.

    My contenders right now are:

    - Aroma M O-Cha perfume oil (a bit too sweet for me, maybe too juvenile, but lots of staying power!)
    - Aroma M Nobara-Cha perfume oil (I like it, but still a bit too sweet?)
    - Comme des Garcons 2 EDP (Really interesting / smoky, but doesn't last at all)
    - Comme des Garcons 3 EDP (Again interesting, but doesn't last on me)
    - CB I Hate Perfume Russian Caravan Tea Water Perfume (kind of basic, but good smelling. Doesn't last)
    - CB I Hate Perfume Tea Rose Water Perfume (I like rose scents, obv, but again doesn't last!)
    - CB I Hate Perfume Just Breathe Water Perfume (pretty, light scent, maybe good for summer, doesn't last!)
    - Demeter Grapefruit Tea perfume oil (Love it, doesn't last but at least it was cheap?)

    I think for the summer-time I'd like something more along the lines of O-Cha or Just Breathe, or maybe Comme des Garcons 3, but it has to last. Something slightly floral, with lots of citrus.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Thank you!!
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    Default Re: Everyday-wear recommendations

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    Default Re: Everyday-wear recommendations

    Hi kumquat,

    Thanks for the suggestions. I'll take a look. Does anyone else have any suggestions for me? I have a few other preferences if it helps?

    I love CdG Guerilla 2, but not for office wear. It's my go-to going out perfume.

    I'm also trying others from my sample collection - I like Andrea Maack Sharp. I'm wearing Craft today but it's way too incense-y. I feel a bit uncomfortable in it at the office today - it's too sexy maybe?

    Anyway thank you for any help you can offer!!

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    Default Re: Everyday-wear recommendations

    I'd find it really hard to stick to one scent for so long, and I admire your sticking power and loyalty! Have you tried Sa Majeste la Rose (Lutens)? Very rosey, but discreet if sprayed lightly, and quite a lot of green notes. Lasts hours. You might also like Jo Malone scents, either her Red Roses or her new Rosewater and Vanilla?

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    Default Re: Everyday-wear recommendations

    Here are some to try; Montale- Soleil de Capri, Hermes- Sur le Nil, Comptor Sud Pacific- Bois de Filao all great citrus scents.
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    Default Re: Everyday-wear recommendations


    Thanks for the suggestions. I haven't heard of either, but I'll try to order some samples.

    I did stick with Sottile for a good long while, but there were several factors, one was cost: I can really only afford a bottle very infrequently. Instead, I have about 20 samples that I like, but either for specific occasions (CdG Guerilla 2 for going out), or just not enough to be a daily office-wear perfume. Also I don't have to worry if the scent is "appropriate" or something new/untried that might not work for me. The experimenting I leave to the weekends.

    Thanks again, I'll check them out.

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    You could try Dyptique - Eau Rose or L'ombres dans L'eau .
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    Default Re: Everyday-wear recommendations

    Tough question... Citrus doesn't last long in general, and there's so little in oil in western perfumery, if you are into oil you should really explore Arabian perfumes, of which I know little. On western oil that comes to mind is Aesop Mystra, but it is superexpensive.

    Lush B Scent is a great lemony-grapefruit rose, and lasts well. It comes in solid form as a stick, or as a spray. Unfortunately, it's available only online. In store, it is available only in a sampler set (the others in the line are good too, so it may be worth checking). Incidentally, Lush has a great perfume oil too, Exhale, but it is dark and smoky, not citrusy and floral.


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    Default Re: Everyday-wear recommendations

    I found out you can order Just Breathe as an oil direct from CB I Hate Perfume, but I think I need to figure out what else I want to try as an oil because the shipping is as much as the sample. (I haven't found the oil samples on the usual suspects - LuckyScent and ThePerfumedCourt.)

    I'll check out all the other suggestions, so thank you!!

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