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    Default A very specific "Does this exist?" question.

    Hi everyone. It has been ages since I've posted here but recently I've been craving something very specific. Since I've been out of the sampling loop (my wallet can't keep up with the sampling necessary to make a dent in the volume of new fragrances being created) I thought I'd put this question out to you, my knowledgeable basenotes friends.

    I'm looking for something with the weight of Malle's Vetiver Extraordinaire (in my mind, crystal clear with a sheer yet very present bright squeaky green, like barely tinted light green clear glass), but without any iodine/saltiness or vetiver sourness, with the barest sensation of anise to cool the composition but not announce itself, perhaps a touch of mint and lavender and other herbs but again, only to blend into this clear glass veil of a scent. The basic feel should be refreshing but like diving into a crystal clear spring, but not in the traditional sense of "watery" scents or "aquatic" of course.

    I also think citrus would ruin the sensation of cool crispness so perhaps no citrus (maybe, maybe sheer lemon). I'm wondering if one of the new Kilian Asian Tales Collection would fit this bill or any of the other myriad fragrances at Lucky Scent now that I haven't even heard of, let alone tried. I wonder if you, the always up-to-date Basenotes community, have any suggestions for me. *Mandragore by Goutal would seemingly fit this bill perfectly, but it doesn't. It is too fleeting and also not quite "cool" enough.

    Thanks in advance. I'm very curious to hear what you all have to suggest.

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    Default Re: A very specific "Does this exist?" question.

    I guess L'Occitane L'Eau would worth a trying. Read the reviews, overwhelmingly positive, and from your description I think you could consider that one.

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    Default Re: A very specific "Does this exist?" question.

    There is a scent that fits the bill perfectly - Amouage Ciel Man. No anise, but a lavender opening, with a brief sour bergamot but even that doesn't register as traditional citrus as the lavender plus airy notes create a blue sensation right from the get go. A smooth rose is woven into the mix, yet the scent still smells blue with some 'golden sand' hues as well. In the end, there is a wonderful and sheer vetiver, one of the crispest and cleanest vetivers I've ever smelled. It is the essence of a cool spring or summer day, blue skies, gentle but noticeable breeze.

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    Default Re: A very specific "Does this exist?" question.

    Fragonard Vetiver

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    Default Re: A very specific "Does this exist?" question.

    I love VE too exactly because it's the freshest and clearest vetiver I've ever smelled. Nothing I've smelled comes close. So my answer would be no ...

    Re: Amouage Ciel, it is indeed very fresh and clear, but to my nose it veers off too much towards modern syntetics, especially for an Amouage. Rather, in the Amouage line, I would sample Silver, very fresh and clear too, orange blossom-rosy, but with a strange almost metallic note that makes it a little disquieting, like having a (silver?) sword hanging over the head.


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    Default Re: A very specific "Does this exist?" question.

    Another thought - a scent that smells cool and crystalline to me, despite having a noticeable vetiver presence, is Fahrenheit 32.

    It also has the mint and lavender elements that you mention.

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    Default Re: A very specific "Does this exist?" question.

    NIKOS - Sculpture Homme
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    Default Re: A very specific "Does this exist?" question.

    What comes to mind for me is Cartier Declaration Bois Bleu.

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    Default Re: A very specific "Does this exist?" question.

    There are two fragrances that come to mind when I think transparent green: hugo boss xy and aqua di parma mirto di panarea.

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    Default Re: A very specific "Does this exist?" question.

    The fragrances that come to mind from your description and also that you may not have tested in the last year or so are these. I am not sure this is what you are after, but its something to look at.

    Serge Lutens L' Eau Froide - crisp cold watery and clean. Mild green notes.

    Atelier Cologne Oolong Infiniti - Light green refreshing and very clear headed, and it has a slight tea note. A greener and fresher version Bulgari pour Homme. For an even greener version of the same kind of thing try Atelier's Trefle Pur (clover).

    Maison Francis Kurkdjian Absolute pour L' Matin - this has that crisp clear slightly green aspect you are after - but it also has a hint of violet leaf too. A milder, less expensive and slightly less green version of almost the same juice is Prada's Infusion d' Homme.

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    Default Re: A very specific "Does this exist?" question.

    Jardin De Kerylos
    Papyrus De Ciane
    LT Piver Vetiver
    Sel Marin

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    Default Re: A very specific "Does this exist?" question.

    Thank you so much, everyone, for your responses. I'm familiar with some and not familiar with others but am eager to try your suggestions.

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