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    Default Love Eau des Merveilles. What else should I try?

    I am completely in love with Eau des Merveilles EDT. On me, it lasts forever (24 hours, maybe?), wears in that "your skin but better" way, and the combination of the pepper + ambergris + woods + oranges is stunning. Perfume soulmate, right? Except after two weeks of wearing it, I can't smell it very well throughout the day anymore. So! I'm in search of the perfect followup. Leathery, exotic floral, amber, spicy, citrusy, coffee, vetiver scents welcome! What should I try?

    Thank you!

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    Default Re: Love Eau des Merveilles. What else should I try?

    Dior Dune? Another punchy, slightly odd, big scent. Dry, warm, twiggy woody, unusual florals and an almost dark chocolatey amber.

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    Default Re: Love Eau des Merveilles. What else should I try?

    Amouage Memoir Man. It shares a key aromachemical with Eau des Merveilles - that creamy note that lasts forever. It's darker, woodier, incensier - a dark and introverted complement to EdM brighter and more extroverted nature.
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    Default Re: Love Eau des Merveilles. What else should I try?

    Montale Dark Purple

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    Default Re: Love Eau des Merveilles. What else should I try?

    I'm struggling with most of the suggestions people have made here.. I just don't see much of a link in any of them to Eau des Merveilles! No offense, folks...

    I'd seriously try Millesime Imperial, which has the ambergris/salt/sun feel and Erolfa, both by Creed. I'd also highly endorse Parfum des Merveilles as well! Eau des Merveilles to me is a salty oceanic/marine scent - though I've not tried it Heeley Sel Marin is supposedly a good one, as is Profumum's Acqua di Sale for evoking similar accords although the Ellena "finish" won't be present in these different houses.

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    Default Re: Love Eau des Merveilles. What else should I try?


    Fire Island by Bond No. 9 - Upon application, the ozone combining with the spicy cardamon magically transports one to a beach where sweat adorns oiled bodies worshipping the sun. A nascent floral, neroli, attracts that sensory perception to the heart, where the tangy neroli joins with a creamy white mush to flavor the concoction with a somewhat spicy, buttery sourness. The exotic base beckons this middle to its sweet tuberose, which along with a hint of patchouli, and heaps of skin musk completes the sunscreen journey. This novel, beach scent is indeed well made, with good longevity and average projection, becoming a skin scent after maybe 3 hours or so.


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