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    Default What time of day/year for certain types of fragrances?

    Hi, is there a general consensus when it comes to wearing certain types of fragrances for certain times of the day, events, time of year, etc.(?)? I've looked in a couple or so stickies some, but have maybe not been satisfied with what I've found, regarding this topic.

    For example, a more citrusy kind of edt, any specific kind of season or time of day or something? Woody? Floral? Sweet? Etc.

    If you could help me out, what about the general consensus (if applicable) for these certain types: (I'm not looking for advice on whether they're good or crap, etc, but rather what timing/occasions to wear them to)

    Bleu de Chanel
    D&G The One (and The One Sport)
    Azzaro Chrome
    Thallium (original kind. Sweet smelling?)

    Thanks in advance!

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    Default Re: What time of day/year for certain types of fragrances?

    There are no strict rules for this but certain customs and traditions have developed. Different fragrances are considered good for office and professional use, others for informal use, and others for "romantic" use. Some websites offering perfumes for sale will list what are considered appropriate uses for particular fragrances. For example, GIT is usually considered a "daytime scent" and formal enough for business use. Bleu de Chanel is often described as "versatile," that is, it can be worn in many situations and at different times of the day and in different seasons. Citrus scents are widely thought of as "warm weather" or summer scents, usually more appropriate for daytime use. Very strong, heavy scents (e.g., Bois de Portugal) are generally considered appropriate for cooler weather only. Evening scents tend to be richer, more complex, and "darker." Spicy scents and orientals are often considered appropriate for evening use. Office scents are typically quiet, discrete, and pleasantly inoffensive.

    In general, this is like what kind of wine you drink with what food. You can follow some general rules or do what you want. Most people are not sophisticated enough about fragrance to criticize you for using an inappropriate scent (as they might do if you used the wrong fork). But people often find strong or very unusual scents unpleasant or offensive. Some people are also allergic to fragrances. A good idea is to have a friend you can check out scents with to see if they seem too strong or inappropriate for a particular use.

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    Default Re: What time of day/year for certain types of fragrances?

    Thank you for the reply!!

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    Default Re: What time of day/year for certain types of fragrances?

    I hate to be that guy, but I just wear fragrances for any season. As for occasion, I still kind of believe that I can wear anything for whatever occasion, though of course for more special occasions I may want to step it up. Good general guidelines would be fresh scents (citruses, greens, aquatics) in the summer and warm spring, woods in the fall and winter. Florals is such a wide category that it's too hard to say, so I'd say judge based on the scent. Gourmands- anytime really, but maybe just not on the hottest days. Orientals to me are for warmer months.

    Let's see (this is all my opinion, please take it with a grain of salt):

    Bleu de Chanel- I'd wear this in the warm months, like maybe the cooler days of summer. To me, it'd be a bit much for 100 degree weather. I also wouldn't wear it in the winter, but that's just my taste; I definitely think the woodsiness can hold up in the cold. It's maybe more on the casual side.

    GIT- I could really see myself wearing this whenever. I'd gladly put it on while it's hot, and it'd be just as interesting to wear in the snow. I find this to be so versatile; I could wear it with a suit or a t-shirt.

    The One- This one lacks longevity, so it's a tough call. I really see this as a scent that creates warmth in the cold. Not in snow, maybe, but when it's chilly outside. I also see this as one to be worn indoors, maybe in a slightly more formal environment.

    Chrome- thrives best in the summer during casual events. That's all I can really say.

    Don't know the last one. Good luck!

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    Default Re: What time of day/year for certain types of fragrances?

    I wouldn't back myself into a corner as to when and where to wear various scents. Your own intuition will be adequate.
    If a scent is too light and airy, perhaps it is too cool for a late fall or winter scent. And, possibly a scent too rich and sweet may be too much for a warm day.
    Of course you can temper your spraying habit, thereby adjusting your sillage (your wake) from any particular fragrance.
    And, given the fact that most times you are wearing scents in temperature-controlled environments, the idea of winter versus summer may fail.

    As to the fragrances that you specified:
    Bleu de Chanel - all seasons
    GIT - all seasons
    D&G The One (and The One Sport) - unknown, until a scent long enough for analysis can be captured
    Azzaro Chrome - its coolness dictates summer
    Thallium (original kind. Sweet smelling?) - easy on the trigger in summer


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    Default Re: What time of day/year for certain types of fragrances?

    Thank you for the responses!

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    Default Re: What time of day/year for certain types of fragrances?

    I wear any type of scent at any time of year.

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