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    Default X-Ray Resurrection

    Encountered three X-Ray scents at Barneys yesterday with petruccij. Resurection smelled the most interesting from the sprayer (not that this is a judgment against the others--I was smelling way too many things). It was sort of a warm, spicy composition undercut by a bilgey note. I quite liked it. I was smelling my hand well into the night.

    I'm going to have to go back and give these three scents (the other two are Morphine and Delirium) a more serious look.


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    Default Re: X-Ray Resurrection

    I tried morphine, I remember thinking it was ok, a touch sweet, but I don't remember it well, which means that probably it didn't leave much of an impression. Good that I didn't smell Resurrection.


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    Default Re: X-Ray Resurrection

    The bottles make me want to love what's inside.

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    Default Re: X-Ray Resurrection

    Bottles are real classy.

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    Default Re: X-Ray Resurrection

    I thought this was gonna be a crazy hallucinopoetic thread about being reincarnated as a Platonic ideal of scent or something. Darn

    Groovy bottle though.

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    Default Re: X-Ray Resurrection

    Quote Originally Posted by MonkeyBars View Post
    Groovy bottle though.
    Yeag, the cap looks like an origami.

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