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    Got a bunch of samples in a few weeks ago, including FM's Carnal Flower. Wore it last night and today, and I am loving it. Not too feminine at all, to my nose. Sort of fruity, flowery and powdery, but still masculine. Good staying power and projection, without being crazy.

    I also got Derby (reissue and vintage), Habit Rouge (EdC and EdT), Mitsouko (EdP and EdT-- really love the EdT), Mouchoir de Monsier, Fahrenheit.

    I think Mitsouko is my favorite of these, and maybe in my top 2 or three-- maybe even number 1.

    Don't like the Fahrenheit, which surprises me, as I thought I would from the reviews.

    Still evaluating the others - I like some of the Guerlains more then others, but I can't quite remember which and why, atm.

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    Default Re: Carnal Flower

    You have some refined taste. Great!

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    Default Re: Carnal Flower

    Carnal Flower is fantastic. Congrats on finding it wearable, I do too.

    Also, I find it works just as well in a sharp suit or dressed up for evening fun (wore it for NYE) as it does out in a t-shirt on a hot, sunny summer day. It's surprisingly versatile.

    Great sample haul, by the way. I blind bought Habit Rouge vintage edc back at the beginning, and while I initially appreciated it, now I really enjoy the scent. I think it takes time to understand. I'd love to try Derby someday.

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    Default Re: Carnal Flower

    Very nice although prefer others in his line.

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    Default Re: Carnal Flower

    Thanks for sharing your impressions on Carnal Flower. I'm curious, how prominent do you find the coconut & where does it appear in the development of the fragrance?
    "To see the world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower..." - William Blake

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