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    Default Is this chanel allure homme sport fake?

    Reasons i suspect

    1. imperfections on bottle (it was sued though )
    2. on the back the serial isn't engraved (painted on?)
    3. cap moves easily, not tightly on
    4. bottom is not perfect

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    Default Re: Is this chanel allure homme sport fake?

    Looks fine to me.

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    Default Re: Is this chanel allure homme sport fake?

    Yes, there are some slight imperfections, but many things look identical to real. The imperfections on the side look like manufacturing defects, and could explain why it's a tester, or at least says it is.

    Test it against some real stuff in the store. Paper and skin. Easiest way to tell. If they're identical, it means it's either real, or a perfect fake. And a perfect fake is basically real, chemically speaking.
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    Default Re: Is this chanel allure homme sport fake?

    My bottle has some imperfections as well and I purchased mine through Macy's. The other details could be due to it being a tester as opposed to the real thing, sometimes companies have different manufacturing procedures when it comes to testers to further distinguish them from the real product. The real test will be a side by side comparison

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    Default Re: Is this chanel allure homme sport fake?

    I think it's okay

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    Default Re: Is this chanel allure homme sport fake?

    There are always some imperfection to be found if you look for it. Best way to avoid doubt is to buy from a trustworthy source.

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    Default Re: Is this chanel allure homme sport fake?

    I have a fake bottle, and yours looks legit, albeit a bit beat-up. Very rarely do fakers make "testers", and you'd know based on how it smells. A note on the serial- Cubby made an excellent video for this one, but mentions that the serial has to be engraved. I've seen legit bottles with both the engraving and the dot-matrix-like printing on them (testers), so don't let that be a cause for concern. Like others have mentioned, let your nose be the guide. My fake (bought from someone on Craiglist from ~200mi away and they mailed it to me) has a very strong alcohol opening, a sickly-sweet smell for about 20 minutes and then is gone. The only reason I still have it is to make another "Spotting a Fake" thread when I eventually get another legit bottle. You're good.

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