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    hey people new to this forum but not a newbie to the game, i am interested if any one has an opinion on any of the nasomatto scents i was interested in buying pardon or afgano but could find any splits around to try before i buy. so is it worth the money? or is there a better one that i havent listed? thanks in advance

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    how about getting a sample online? would be way cheaper then blind buying a bottle and not liking it. Nosomatto's are not for everyone imo.

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    where is a legit place for samples, thanks again

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    Quote Originally Posted by crooked View Post
    where is a legit place for samples, thanks again
    Luckyscent, the perfumed court. I dont know if Min new york has Nasomatto yet, if they do, order samples from them.

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    thanks for your help

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    Nasomatto Silver Musk by Nasomatto - Initially, one is treated to a swirling mandarin, with its sweetly tart, orangey facet. Lavender, with its fresh floral aspect, commingles with the mardain to create a zesty, herbal presence. A nascent soapiness from white musk emerges in the background. Transitioning, a lightly sweetish cyclamen carries itself to the fore along with a more softly diffusive and slightly powdery white musk. A characteristically aloof iris, with its violet-like, woody facet, wrests for prominence. Segueing, a faint metallic note, akin to metal shavings, ephemerally surfaces. A magical aldehyde imparts its sparkly clean and fresh vibe. And, a mild hedione diffuses its subtly green sensation. The white musk has taken on a waxy brightness. An alluring drydown ensues. This somewhat elegant composition has average projection and very good longevity.

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    it take this is the nasomatto frag you prefer

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    Quote Originally Posted by crooked View Post
    where is a legit place for samples, thanks again
    I would check lucky scent and the perfumed court

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oupavoc View Post
    Nasomatto's are not for everyone imo.

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    i have hindu and love it and i just heard good things about these 2

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    A lot of cats wanna compare Black Afgano to M7. I don't own M7 so I wouldn't make that comparison but BA is medicinal and it has some Oud in it, so I guess based on that, the comparison has some validity. Despite the hype BA gets it's absolutely not a safe blind buy however you can count on the fact that it has beastly longevity. From a single spray I smelled this on me after 20 hours, a shower and over another frag.

    A lot of cats wanna compare Pardon to L'instant Extreme. That one I can kinda see. Pardon doesn't have the Guerlain vanilla and anise thing going that LIDGE has and if I'm not mistaken Pardon has some leather and oud which makes it kinda dirty and dry and so forth. Of the two (I own both), I currently prefer Pardon.

    Duro, Absinth and Silver Musk are all worth checking out. I woulda bought Duro but I find it too similar to Montale's Aoud Musk which I already own. Silver Musk isn't bad, it just hasn't inspired a purchase yet. On the other hand I totally dig Absinth; it's my favorite take on the theme.

    Anyway, that's my two cents. I would sample before buying as these Nasomatto bottles are some spendy devils. Luckyscent should have samples for sale and if you live close to a Barneys, it's conceivable they'd have the whole line to check out, but call and ask them as some Barneys don't carry Nasomatto.

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    I tried almost all of them (with the exception of China White) and honestly I think they're not even close deserving the hype they're getting. Pardon and Hindu Grass are the standouts IMO but, still, you can have better options from other brands in both woody gourmands and patchouli...

    Black Afgano is probably on of the most undeservedly hyped things out there...

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