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    I'm fed up with mainstream fragrances so want to try something more 'niche'. Sampled Creed's GIT, Himalaya and Silver Mountain Water. Like/love to varying degrees. Trouble is my wife doesn't like them as much as I do-thinks they are a bit old fashioned. Any recommendations? She does like Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver...

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    Montale Greyland

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    serge lutens - gris clair

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    Summer/citus like:
    Creed Aventus
    Odin No2 Owari

    For a more masculine pleasant scent I'd recommend ( Trumper: Spanish Leather) you can email Trumper for free samples btw. Be nice & corteous, and you'll most likely get a lot of samples.

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    Thanks for the advice. Will try to track them down. Use Trumper's shaving soap so will definitely ask for samples. I'll let you know how I get on.

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    There are many niche vetivers. For instance, Malle Vetiver Extraordinaire (my favorite), Lubin Vetiver, Maitre parfumeur et gantier Route du Vetiver, and also Chanel Sycomore (not properly a niche, but available only in Chanel boutiques).


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    Amouage Jubilation
    Acqua Di Parma range.
    Tobacco Vanille

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    Thanks for all your help. I'll have fun trying to track down samples of them all. Don't know how easy that will be in the English Midlands!

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    Admittedly, not a niche per se, Encore Noire by Lalique, with its high quality and flawless execution, far surpasses many niche fragrances.

    Do try it; my review of same may help:

    Encore Noire by Lalique - One is initially treated to a drenched, citrusy greenness, afforded by the haitian vetiver, which progresses to an earthiness somewhat akin to the saturated soil of a marsh littered with struggling greens. A warming greenness ensues, brought about by the bourbon vetiver. A duet of vetivers is consummated. From this green, damp and dirty duet, the bourbon vetiver overtakes with a burning, ember-like texture. In the distance, the cool crispness of cypress wood tantalizes, and the tempering heart beckons. Here, the spicy cypress wood stews lusciously with the wrestling vetivers, imparting a dry smokiness to the brew. Transitioning to the soothing base, a sweetness from the cashmere wood taints the subdued vetivers, and combines with a sensual musk to impart a wonderful, dry and animalic woodiness. This exquisite fragrance has a refined and complex uniqueness. A true gem, this high quality scent has good projection and very good longevity, and warrants your indulgence.


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    Just discovered it thanks to a BN enabler whom I am massively grateful to so +1 for Chanel Sycomore would be magnificent on a an but merely interesting on a woman

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