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    Some of you have suffered the theft of your post counts, and for that I apologise.

    When we had the issues the other week, some people were finding that their post count wasn't increasing, so I decided to look in the back end to see if there was an option to recount posts. There was, so I thought that would solve the issues.

    What I didn't take into account was very old posts and deleted threads. As a result, members who have had threads/posts deleted (most likely active marketplace members, where threads are deleted regularly to keep posts up to date); and members who have been with us pre-2005 (some of the historical threads were unable to be converted when we converted to VB, so they are no longer with us)

    If you have been affected by the theft of your post counts, please feel free to PM me with a rough idea of how many you are missing, and I'll re-issue them. (I'm relying on honesty here, so if anyone wants to PM me about their missing 90,000 then I'll know....)

    With regards, and more apologies.


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    Grant, I had 1,000,000 posts, re-issue them now I say....

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    ^^ LOL @ previous post!

    Bam. And just like that, my post count is back!

    Thanks Grant!
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