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    Default Re: Ted Lapidus Black Extreme - EXCELLENT !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by hednic View Post
    Recently received it and like it quite a bit. Very inexpensive.

    To anyone who has tried this fragrance, a few questions:

    (1) Is the bottle made of real glass, or just plastic?
    (2) Is it powdery or cloying?
    (3) Is it overly fruity in the vein of Givenchy Play/Play Intense?
    (4) How does it compare to Lapidus Black Soul? Better, worse, or about as good?

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    Default Re: Ted Lapidus Black Extreme - EXCELLENT !!!

    I was so dissapointed in this. I bought a sample off of ebay and totally not what I expected. I love the original Lapidus but this one falls way behind it. There is a minty urine like note in this that I can not stomach. Can anyone shine light on which note it is?

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    Default Re: Ted Lapidus Black Extreme - EXCELLENT !!!

    Has anyone else tried this?

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    Default Re: Ted Lapidus Black Extreme - EXCELLENT !!!

    I just got a sample of Black Extreme today. I was intrigued by the wintergreen note that many mentioned and wanted to give it a go. Based on first impressions, I'm kind of torn between whether I like it or not. I don't get wintergreen per se, but what I do get is almost a 100 percent authentic replication of the smell you find inside a used book, record, or CD store. Ok, I know this sounds weird, but if you've ever been inside of one of an older one of these stores, there is a distinct smell from the old paper, cardboard album covers, paper CD inserts, and the wooden racks & shelves often used to display them. I'm not sure what notes in Black Extreme are creating this olfactory vision for me, but I'm definitely getting it. I certainly can smell violet leaves, and I'm guessing it's their dusty quality mixed with one of the herbal (wintergreen) type notes that's creating the smell I'm getting. As I said, I'm not sure if I'd want to smell like this or not, but two thumbs up for uniqueness.

    Also, I bought a bottle of Lapidus 's Black Soul today as well. On first test, I really like this one. Definitely get the 1 Million comparisons, but with a much spicier/smoky/burnt type drydown mixed with the bubblegum sweetness. I also get a bit of that same camphorous minty/wintergreen note in this one (same as in Black Extreme). I'm guessing this may be a Lapidus house signature note. These are the first Lapidus scents I've tried, & I do like that note, whatever it is.

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    Default Re: Ted Lapidus Black Extreme - EXCELLENT !!!

    Ordered a bottle on Fragrancenet for $30.00 shipping and handling. Be sure to use coupon code.
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    Default Re: Ted Lapidus Black Extreme - EXCELLENT !!!

    Quote Originally Posted by bgoc View Post
    Very inexpensive smell, the problem - cheap is rarely nice.

    Available at cheapsmells, buy or not?
    I agree that it smells rather cheap
    and synthetic. I use Guerlains like Jicky and L'Heure Bleue to calibrate and then this juice smells downright low budget. The original has a bit more going fot it. It's a cheap classic but without the synthetic bite.

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