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    Default best sporty cologne

    Hi, I'm looking for the best sporty men's cologne... no sweetness or powder or anything like that, just fresh, uplifting, with a real edge... something perfect for after an early day game of tennis, right after jumping out of the shower! Thanks by the way... original is a good thing if that helps, i don't want to smell like average aftershave -
    boring like adidas ice dive, drakkar noir.... needs to be a splash of originality involved
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    Default Re: best sporty cologne

    Dior Homme Sport
    Tous Man Sport
    Mandarina Duck

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    Default Re: best sporty cologne

    I always wear nautica voyage at the gym

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    Default Re: best sporty cologne


    Infusion d'Homme by Prada
    - an enchanting soapy and clean vibe ... the refreshing citrus opening, wherein the neroli and mandarin notes interplay wonderfully, yields to an intriguing heart, with its vetiver, iris, galbanum and cedar cocktail, majestically carrying to the squeaky-clean base of benzoin and frankincense .... decent longevity and projection ...

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    Default Re: best sporty cologne

    I recommend Lacoste Essential. Immediately reminds me of exactly what you said, jumping out of the shower and playing tennis.

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    Default Re: best sporty cologne

    Dior Homme Sport
    Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche

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    Default Re: best sporty cologne

    Christian Dior Dior Homme Sport

    Versace Pour Homme

    Hugo Boss Energise

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    Default Re: best sporty cologne

    Another for Dior Homme Sport

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    Default Re: best sporty cologne

    In keeping with the tennis theme, you might look into Parfums de Nicolaï - Balle de Match Eau de Sport.
    Notes of grapefruit, lime, pepper, incense, musk and woody notes.
    You can buy the 100ml size or Parfums de Nicolaï offers a 30ml option. IMO this is perfect for a gym bag and a good way to try out the fragrance without gambling on a full size bottle. Here's one online option:

    I don't know your experience or current collection but if you are building a fragrance wardrobe you might consider skipping over the 'sport' marketing fragrances and investing in a classic Eau de Cologne (EdC.) There are many great choices. Eau de Guerlain, or Guerlain's Imperial ( great & short lasting) come to mind. In addition to Balle de Match, Parfums de Nicolai has many citrus oriented EdC that would be refreshing after a match & a shower.

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    Default Re: best sporty cologne

    Polo Blue but that would be pushing it. Try Nautica Voyage, although I don't care for it to much.

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