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    Default Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    Hey everyone,

    I'm looking for something sweet and fruity (I know, very exciting, but my girlfriend loves this type of scent and I enjoy it too).

    I already have Love & Luck, Paris Hilton for Men, and samples of Millesime Imperial and Aventus. I like all of them, but I can't afford Creed right now and I want something new. I'd prefer non-niche (so I can find it) and under $60. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    You can afford a decant of either at that price. I would go with that.
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    Default Re: Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    I like Chic for men by Carolina Herrera. Check it out!
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    Default Re: Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    L'Eau d'Issey and Aqua Di Gio but those are both a little spendy. If you shop around you might be able to get both Unforgivable and Voyage for under $50.
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    Default Re: Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    Voyage isn't really fruity or sweet, and I already have it. I've tried Unforgivable and, to me, it smells like a bad version of Love & Luck.

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    Default Re: Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    Frapin 1270 smells like a mixture of candied oranges and butterscotch. I actually have a 16ml decant up for swap.
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    8. L'air Du Desert Marocain
    9. Envy
    10. Terre D'Hermes
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    Default Re: Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    Davidoff Silvershadow Altitude doesnt get much love here but it is very nice for summer and costs just few $$

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    Default Re: Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    If you want affordable, try Kenneth Cole Reaction for Men.

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    Default Re: Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    Quote Originally Posted by posthuman View Post
    Voyage isn't really fruity or sweet, and I already have it. I've tried Unforgivable and, to me, it smells like a bad version of Love & Luck.
    Voyage has got an apple note in it. Apples are fruity. But alright, the point is it's not what you're looking for. I agree with you about Unforgivable. Have you tried L'Homme by YSL or Burberry Touch? I think they're both under $60.

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    Default Re: Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    Paco Rabanne's Black XS l'Exces for Him is quite good. A nice blend of lemon and pineapple.
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    Default Re: Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    Quote Originally Posted by shiny beast View Post
    voyage has got an apple note in it. Apples are fruity. But alright, the point is it's not what you're looking for. I agree with you about unforgivable. Have you tried l'homme by ysl or burberry touch? I think they're both under $60.

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    Jaguar vision a lot of people says its same as creed aventus but cheaper.

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    Default Re: Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    On the cheaper side, try Ted Lapidus Black Soul. Huitieme Art seems to specialise in fruity perfumes, although they are niche, they're pretty affordable. Of those that I've tried, I was impressed with:

    Ciel D'Airain** From France to Italy, under a magnificent dark sky over the Lago di Como; the smell of a great electric storm breaking over the orchards laden with bursting fruit. The city and everyday life seem things of another world...pears,luscious apples,apricots and the subtle smells of woods and barks responding to the deluge. Grey ambergris adds that late summer warmth behind the rains.

    Manguier Metisse** Tahiti as found by Joseph Banks and Captain Cook- ripe green-golden mangoes dropping from the trees into the crystalline waters of the lagoon. Tea sipped on the glittering white sands of the vast beaches, the girls' hair wreathed in garlands of frangipani flowers - everywhere the delicate but penetrating fragrance of fruits and tropical blossoms.

    Vohina** From morning to sun-drenched drowsy afternoon in the fields beyond the garden walls; too warm for the birds to sing - just the murmur of crickets and hum of pollen-laden bees. A sensual velvety scent of warm ripe peaches and and golden honey from heavy heads of lavander; a dry sweet base of hay and sandalwood.

    Descriptions from Les Senteurs

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    Default Re: Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    Escape by CK
    Legend by Mont Blanc
    Cool Water Game

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    Default Re: Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    Quote Originally Posted by perfaddict View Post
    Paco Rabanne's Black XS l'Exces for Him is quite good. A nice blend of lemon and pineapple.
    This +1 I'll also add PR 1 Million.

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    Default Re: Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    Take the Frapin 1270 offer above and you won't regret it.
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    Default Re: Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    1270 will not be ideal for summer imo, also projection sucks hardcore. Ch Chic is a good one

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    Default Re: Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    Try getting a decant of Pulp from Byredo

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    Default Re: Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    Boss Bottled.

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    Default Re: Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    @koala501: Considering Chic.

    @CaliDude: I've wanted to try KC Reaction, but I'm worried about its apparently terrible longevity.

    @Shiny Beast: I'm considering YSL L'homme. I've not tried Touch; I'll check it out when I can.

    @perfaddict: How's PR Black XS l'Exces compare to the original? The notes look good, but I didn't like Black XS.

    @mustafa604: Interesting suggestion. I might try it.

    @Fraghead: Thanks, I'll look into these.

    @Shaka: I want to try Legend.

    Thanks for the replies everyone (and I'm sure I'll get more). I'm making a trip to Macy's and possibly Perfumania tomorrow, so hopefully I'll be able to sample some of these.

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    Default Re: Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    Roma by Laura Biagiotti is vèry sweet.

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    Default Re: Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    Quote Originally Posted by Duke Hunt View Post
    This +1 I'll also add PR 1 Million.
    I agree with these guys. PR Black XS, 1 million, and add Versace Man Eau Freiche, Hani Mori, and Chrome Legend.
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    Default Re: Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    Montale Pretty Fruity

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    Default Re: Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    Tous man is a inexpensive fruity scent
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    Default Re: Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    Lush has some really nice sweet stuff, if you can believe it. Some of the Lush range are available only online, but you will find samples for sale in the brick and mortar stores. Lust is a very fruity jasmine, 2543 is citrusy, Karma is orange patchouli, and online there's Cocktail and B scent.


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    Default Re: Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    D&G The One (a tropical sweetness vibe)
    Rochas Man (sweet yet it has a coffee vibe to it more than a fruity vibe)
    Lacoste Blanc (Coconut vibe and sweet, sorta synthetic tho)

    Armani Diamonds (Strawberries dipped in chocolate)
    Chanel Allure Homme Edition Blanche(Lemon meringue pie)

    I must add the first three of these have poor longevity.

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    Default Re: Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    CK One Summer perhaps?
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    Default Re: Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    Quote Originally Posted by moore View Post
    Black XS- Paco Rabanne.
    I agree - see below ↓↓↓.

    Black XS by Paco Rabanne - This wonderfully exotic fragrance opens with a citrus duet of lemon and kalamanzi, commingling with sage and tagete. I am not quite sure if the spice and marigolds work on the citrus, but a tangy stawberry becomes sensorially incarnate. The sweet heart with its cinnamon, black cardamom, tolu balm and praline wrests control of this pseudo-strawberry, and excises the bitterness yielding a dark, sweet and spicy concoction. The eager base, with its woods and amber, as well as its hint of patchouli, evicts the fruitiness, and forms a warm and inviting drydown. The longevity for this daring fragrance is good, while its projection is average for a close to the skin scent.

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    Default Re: Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    Black XS seems like a good call in your price range.

    If you're considering going the decant route, I would highly recommend Bond No. 9 Andy Warhol. It's a super sweet plum fragrance.


    Oops, I didn't see you weren't a fan of Black XS. The Bond comment still stands.

    I also probably would not recommend 2543 by Lush, only because it's a very sharp, sour citrus. If that interests you though it is a great little fragrance
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    Default Re: Sweet/Fruity Fragrances

    Happy by Clinique

    Moschino Uomo
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