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    Default Which of your favorite fragrances have gotten the worst insults on Basenotes?

    I'm always amazed at the range of opinion expressed on Basenotes. The most beloved and praised fragrances also seem to get the most scathing insults. Which of your favorites has been dissed the worst? "Eau de Men's Room" Kouros? "Bug Spray" Guerlain Vetiver? "Old Man's Back Seat" Bois de Portugal? "Grandma's Dressing Table " Habit Rouge? Then there is that all-purpose, ubiquitous, and enigmatic "French Whore" smell, so widely applied, though actually rather rarely hurled on Basenotes.

    Personally, i don't have strong reactions to the scents I don't care for. They usually just strike me as nonentities of one sort or another. Aventus and Acqua di Gio fall into this class. To me, they don't smell bad they just smell more or less like nothing. It is still a bit shocking, though, to realize people actually detest fragrances that I really love.
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