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    Default Friday's one step forward, one step back

    Please help. I'm kind of stuck and clueless where to go or what to get for the next purchase. On the same token, I made a pledge never ever to exceed fifty full bottles. So if you are going to suggest next acquisition, please designate one to retire in my warderobe. Godspeed.

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    Default Re: Friday's one step forward, one step back

    Dior Leather Oud

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    Default Re: Friday's one step forward, one step back

    Not sure what to recommend to buy...maybe a nice vetiver (Vetiver Tonka, Sel de Vetiver) or something from Le Labo (Rose 31) or a Heeley (Menthe Fraiche or Sel Marin) or Penhaligon's Sartorial...but really then I'm just naming my recent favorites.

    As for what to get rid of, I see you have L'eau D'Issey and the summer 2009 version of that. That's about the only redundancy that I saw in your wardrobe, so maybe one of those. That or Nautica Voyage, replace it with something better

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    Default Re: Friday's one step forward, one step back


    Got this:

    Got rid off Burberry's The Beat ... I loved it once, now it's departed as a gift.

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