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    Smile Managing my Mania

    Tidying out my wardrobe recently, I discovered I had three or four backups for each frag! And that was in a selection of around 20 FBs. This spending was OK last year and the year before, but in 2012 with some major expenses looming, I want to keep a lid on my perfume mania. (Incidentally, I can't make the Wardrobe function work properly on my computer, but trust me, I have over 20 FBs and about 40 samples!) ....
    Taking a cue from my DH's football playoffs, this is what I did.
    First, I selected my favourite 16 scents, just to make the maths easier. I chose them on the basis of the ones I reach for most often, and most look forward to wearing.
    Then, I tested them in pairs, wearing a different scent on each wrist for eight days. I spritzed on more of each one throughout the day and evening, as they faded, but stuck to the same two. At the end of each day, I selected my preferred scent from each pairing, and this left me with eight "favourite favourites".
    Then I did the same testing as with the 16 - wore two scents every day, one on each wrist, and at the end of each day I selected the favourite.
    Finally, I was down to four "favourite, favourite favourites".
    I ought to mention at this point that my perfume mania began when I grew tired of wearing nothing but Paris (YSL) for several years. James, at Les Senteurs, suggested I might like N'Aimez Que Moi, and I did. He also gave me five other samples to take home and try. I joined Basenotes to discover more scents I might love, and that's how it all started back in 2010.
    My four creme de la creme scents ended up being: Paris (still!); N'Aimez Que Moi; Bulgari Rose Essentielle; and La Rose de Rosine. Plus, Ta'if, as a "wild card" which I like to wear when I'm in the mood for something heavier.
    So now I have five scents for which I'll keep backups, but not more than one backup per scent. I'll carry on getting samples, out of interest, though. And if I fall in love with any of them, they will be tested against my top five, as before.
    I have my 20+ FBs to use up, plus the extra backups, and I'll certainly be doing that as I like them all.
    But for future buying, I'm sticking to the Top Five.
    No more backups, unless they're in the Top Five list, and then only when I'm down to my final bottle. If any of my favourites are discontinued or reformulated, I'll begin the testing process again, but sticking to the same procedure - two scents per day, choosing the favourite of each. And no more blind buys, either.
    So that's how I'm managing my mania.
    I wondered how others manage, and whether this experience might be helpful to anyone.

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    I put more than half of my wardrobe out of sight, and am trying to use up the rest. That division was done in a way that the most precious ones were put out of sight, cool and dark inside a large trunk.

    From the current ones, I find that some really get neglected and never used. So, put these out of sight, also. Which leaves a small array of the ones really in use. Often - there comes a point - where the current ones are not good enough, and I open the trunk with the precious ones and the ones that have not been looked at for a while, and I reach for one, AND IT FEELS LIKE NEW.

    Basically, I don't want to spend ANY more money on perfumes, because I need it for other bills.
    There are no answers, only choices. (Stanislav Lem)

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    Default Re: Managing my Mania

    Ursula, this is similar to what I'm doing, and I'm trusting that I'll get the same good results.
    I arrived at my favourite list a bit differently, but the principle's the same, and like you I'm keeping the frags I don't use so often, the ones that didn't make it into the top five, at the back of my wardrobe. Then, when I get tired of my regular scents, I can reach into the back section - hidden behind a heap of scarves and gloves - and rediscover the ones I stashed there in my elimination process.
    I'm sure I'll appreciate them all the more for this!
    I really love my perfumes, but I need to pay my other bills too!

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