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    Question Attar de Roses (Mecheri) - leather or apricot?

    Have a small sample of Keiko Mecheri's Attar de Roses, which is simply gorgeous. But the scent notes and other reviews say there is a leathery note here, where I detect only apricot. Does anyone else know this scent? What do you think? (Actually, now that I think of it, new leather and apricot do have some notes in common). I'd like to know, as I always thought I wouldn't like leather and have avoided testing perfumes with this note. But I absolutely love this one.

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    Default Re: Attar de Roses (Mecheri) - leather or apricot?

    Hi redrose!

    I love Attar de Roses, too! I don't get apricot specifically, but that could be where the soft leather note is coming from, and I definitely get the soft leather. But you know, apricot is often used in scents described as suede-y, so it sounds like your assessment is spot-on. I'll have to sniff for the apricot the next time I wear it.
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    Default Re: Attar de Roses (Mecheri) - leather or apricot?

    Thanks for the feedback, Evangeline, that is really interesting. I now want to sample some of the "leather" scents I dismissed without testing, as it seems they could be equally lovely too.

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